Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I don't get the whole fancy dress thing

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Our school is holding a Trivia night in a few weeks. My friends and I are mad about trivia. We used to play every Thursday night at the Dry Dock in Birchgrove before we all had kids. We were called the Crazy Dates. Our form was variable but were known to win from time to time (especially when my Dad came along for a game). Mostly we just had a laugh, hung out, ate some good pub grub, had a few beers and planned our weekend. The Crazy Dates are getting together for the Trivia night at the school. It should be fun. Except for the fact that it is fancy dress. It is a Circus Night.

I have to be honest and say that I am not a big fan of fancy dress. I just don't get it. Why do people want to dress up as Supreheroes or celebrities or something starting with the letter 'b'? What is wrong with a pair of jeans? A circus theme is particularly wrong for me as I have a thing about clowns too. I despise them and find them scary. No doubt there will be lots of clowns at the trivia night. This alone is reason not to attend for me, but I will because it is a fundraiser for the school, and I love trivia and the Crazy Dates will be together again. I doubt I will get fancy with my dress though. I can absolutely guarantee that no big clowny wig will find its way onto my head. No clowns for me. Not even for a good cause.

I have a friend with whom I went to uni. He is an awesome guy. Smart, funny, musical. He is also mad about fancy dress. I can't count the number of parties he and his flatmates had in the 1990s, all of which were fancy dress. James Bond. Alter Ego. Boys as Girls. It felt like every week were dressing up as something different. In hindsight, I realise that my anti-fancy has been with me awhile. I realise now that I had a pretty standard fancy dress thing at each of those parties. I wore this sparkly (short) blue dress I picked up at an op-shop (most of my wardrobe came from op-shops when I was at uni) that I would morph into any theme. I am not sure how it worked at the gender-bender party, but I am sure I pulled it off!

I wonder if fancy-dress aversion is hereditary? I can remember my Mum and Dad being rather pained by the fancy-dress themed functions to which they were invited. Mum went as an elephant to one such event. She dressed as an elf and carried a wooden 'ant' that Dad made her (get it? elf and ant?). At this point in time, my two older boys are very partial to a Spiderman outfit. They wear these, themed party or not. They are certainly breaking with tradition, but they are at the prime of their 'imaginative' play and I guess I should expect a bit of fancy dress in this phase. Maybe it will continue and we will be hosting fancy dress parties forever more. I doubt it. I will have to put my foot down at some point. There's only so much a party-pooper like me can tolerate.

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