Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Nappies all round at our place

I never thought I would have 4 kids in nappies at the same time. My kids are close together, yes but I would have thought that my eldest one would have cracked the toilet training code by the time the twins came along. In many ways he did, but not the night-time thing. I think toilet training (TT) is an art, and I think I probably should have learnt more about it before it began, but I didn't and I am still yet to be fully successful at it. We still have the twins to do, so maybe by confessing my failings I may get some good tips. So here is the status quo.

The Nugget showed some interest in TT just before I was about to give birth to Doo Dah (he was 20 months old). At that time I was not prepared to tackle TT whilst breastfeeding a newborn, so I discouraged him. He never showed any interest again. By three, I think he bagan to see the benefits of having someone sort out his mess. We tried everything to try to spark his interest. Books, rewards, toy withdrawals, all manner of desperate measures, but nothing. He was nearly 3 and a half before I finally had success encouraging him to have a go! I credit this to my sister-in-law actually. She bought him a pair of spiderman boxer briefs he simply had to put on. He was wee ready within a couple of days. Number twos took a little longer, but basically the whole thing was quick and fairly painfree. Or so we thought.

Nugget regresses with TT when things get a bit tough in his world. We saw this when the twins arrived (blatant marking of territory) which was highly distressing, but short-lived (thankfully). We also saw it when we were talking a lot about starting school. He started pooing in his nappies at night! He would go in, poo, come out and tell us and we'd have to clean him up. It was a particularly difficult stage. I didn't handle it well at all. Four year olds poo should NEVER have to be handled in this way. Awful business. Thankfully, another short-lived phase.

Doo Dah was a different kettle of fish. He started TTing at 2+3months. The twins were all of 3 months old, but after the last disaster, I wasn't prepared to delay it this time. He had many accidents to begin with, but he was sorted with wees in a couple of months. Number twos on the other hand... he would save those up for his nappy (day or night sleep). This went on for at least 6 months until finally he just started going to the toilet. He is out of nappies in the day (still occasionally wees if he has a long day sleep), but still in nappies at night. He plays all the games and tricks Nugget used to, like going to bed and then getting back up insisting he needs to do a poo even though he has been put on the toilet before bed. Argh.

So this brings me to now. 4 children still in nappies at night. The Nugget has been having a few dry nappies in the mornings lately (but never the magic three that my Mum says I should insist on before taking him out). All attempts to have him out of nappies at night have been unsuccessful and have generated lots of washing (I am already at my limit in this department). I haven't tried the Doo Dah at night, but he is still wet in the morning. There is no real end it sight it seems.

So what have your TT experiences been? Got any ideas or suggestions for me?

* Photo from: http://www.alipants.com.au/

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