Friday, 16 April 2010

A very Lego birthday

Nugget turned five yesterday. We had a wonderful day with the extended family. He was spoilt rotten. So many gifts! I was pretty happy that he got loads of Lego. He has been madly constructing ever since. Lego brings back many fond childhood memories for me.

Lego is good wholesome fun. Sister B and my brother and I used to play Lego for hours. My brother made a mean Lego robot. Sister B and I were all into houses. Usually she made these elaborate 3D mansions equipt with chimneys, double brick walls and a fully tiled roof. I was more into floor plans. Sister A was often reading (she always had her head in a book) along side we Lego-ers but she was always involved with a quick comment or suggestion. These were good times.

My brother entered a couple of Lego competitions too as I recall. He is a bit younger than we girls and by the time he hit the double digits, children were starting to be a presence, in a sales and marketing sense. School holidays at the local mall were full of "activities" for kids, and Lego often had a big stand and the opportunity to compete for prizes (more Lego of course). My brother tried is luck but I don't think his robots cut it with the big players. It was lots of fun though and I was a very keen observer. Clean wholesome fun.

I am excited that my boy has hit the age where Lego is within his play repertoire. We have been having a ball putting together the Police Station and Star Wars spaceships. It is a lot harder than it used to be - there are steps to follow and hundreds of different shaped blocks - but it is still fun. Clean wholesome fun.

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