Friday, 14 May 2010

$9 for a block of cheese?!

I did my fortnightly grocery shop last night. I say 'fortnightly' as though I do it every two weeks. I think it has been at least 8 weeks since I went to the shops without 3 or more children in my trolley, so needlesstosay, I was in for a big, pantry filling shop.

Supermarket shopping is a pleasure for me. I love food and I love people watching and you can do both of those things concurrently at the local. Late at night is always the best for a quick shop and the place is usually full of interesting characters, including the night-fill staff! Last night was a little light on 'entertainment'. Apart from a couple of 17 year old stoners getting magnums, I pretty much had the place to myself (apart from the people who were being paid to be there). This had its advantages, no waiting at the check-out springs to mind, and disadvantages...

Observations of a focussed shopper:

1. I cannot believe how expensive cheese has become. It is absolutely astounding! Good ol' cheese costs at least $6 for 500g. When did it move into 'luxury' items. Our local had a big special on Gouda, 1kg for $9. That's right, $9 for a block of cheese on special. Unbelievable.

2. Those two for one deals cost you a lot more money. Don't do it unless you really NEED 2 of something, otherwise you just fork out an extra few dollars on an item that you won't use for another month or two.

3. Buying in bulk isn't always going to save you. Take Nutrigrain. The 560g box is $1.00 per 100g and the bigger box is $0.99 per 100g. Obviously get the larger one if you need it, but don't think you are necessarily taking home a bargain. I think it is called 'unit pricing' and it is handy.

4. As much as it nearly killed me to spend $20 on Dishwashing tablets (they were $7 off their usual price), I got 58 of them for that. That is almost 2 months worth for $5 more than a month's supply. That was a pretty good deal.

5. Lastly, don't go to the shops when you are thirsty. I think I got about 16L of different drinking fluids last night!


Maxabella said...

Great shopping tips, MultipleMum. I totally agree with the crazy prices. It seems like we pay delicatessen prices at the supermarket these days.

Kebeni said...

thanks for linking up to frugal friday

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