Sunday, 30 May 2010

An awful lot of circus

We had the school trivia night last night. I think I told you about the whole circus theme? and my general disinterest in dressing up?

As a virgin 'school parent night out' reveller, I made a few notes to self:

1. Parents don't get out much.

2. Because parents don't get out much, perhaps they should re-think their alcohol consumption levels when they attend a school function?

3. School trivia is more about raising funds (via gold coin donations for answers) than about the trivia. It took us many rounds to catch onto this and subsequently we didn't fare too well.

4. Fancy dress costumes do not hide 'baby belly' very well.

5. Some women look good with beards.

6. Sneaking a little Apple Schnapps shot with the table next door wasn't a great idea after many beers and a few wines. Sore head.

7. Attending trivia night after a night out with the girls (that finished at 2am after several cocktails) isn't a good idea. I don't think I answered a single question that someone else couldn't have.

8. I don't like loud noise.

9. I can still correct grammar when I am half tanked.

10. I think the Music round was a good one to go for the double points.

11. People are good at remembering kiss scenes in movies.

12. There were NO Academy Award questions.

13. Geege and I need to learn more about the local Hornsby area. Definitely our worst round.

14. Parent's talk a LOT when they are drunk and you can learn all sorts of things.

15. Computer nerds don't always marry before they have children.

16. You can't drink when you have anti-anxiety medication so don't put your foot in it in front of your sober neighbour.

17. The glamour Mums look more glamourous on a Saturday night.

18. There is much fun to be had at the school trivia night.

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