Monday, 17 May 2010

Craft seems to be the topic of the week

I will just start this post with a statement.

I don't do craft.

There. I have said it. And I am okay with it. I have made my peace with my crappy artistic skills. Some background if you will...

I was first introduced to crafty goodness back at high-school by a well-meaning friend, M. She was a master at cross-stitch, knitting, sewing and all the other things that crafty types do. She entered, and won, many a local-Show craft category. I coverted her skills and when I visited her place at the weekends, she and her Mum offered me tuition in these things. I have to say that I rather enjoyed my short spell of cross stitch and sewing with M and her Mum, but I preferred (even then) to play Mah Zhong (sp?), which was our other weekend pursuit together. I haven't seen M in years (she lives in England now with her husband and three kids) but I have no doubt that she is still making lovely little things with the best of them. Me. Not so much.

My second foray into craft was through my group of uni friends. About 6 or 7 years ago we started a Stitch n Bitch group. The idea was that we get together, chat, eat and make hand-made goodies. It turned out that most of my friends had all these hidden talents, be it knitting, crocheting or cross stitch. Many a baby beanie, scarf and jumper have been the created through this SnB group! I have always been a bit sporadic with my attendance, but the fact that the very first scarf I began (back in the early noughties) is still the current craft project has little to do with my attendance rate. My alcohol consumption, rate of child production, and lack of skill yes, but lack of attendance, no. At this point I want to digress on two points. 1. Our SnB started before it was 'cool' and 2. Our friend A, whose own craft skills are not memorable began a fantastic online shop for amazing hand-made goodies for up and coming Australian artists ( and I'd like to think that our SnB group was a small part of the inspiration for this :)

And then there was my Mother's Group. They too are crafty types who knit, sew and make amazing things for their kids. After a couple of year's together, a monthly Craft night was established. I was invited to join in but I declined. By this stage I have realised I am not a crafty person and being in a group with crafty people does not a crafty person make. I just don't do craft.

So it was interesting this week as craft has entered my world again, in a few different ways.

Firstly, when my friend A came over for a playdate with her kids on Saturday. She was commenting on the fact that she would like to be able to make things. She wants to learn to be a crafty type. She needs a creative outlet. We had an in-depth conversation about this (why? what's it all about? what type of craft? what will she do with the craft?) and it turns out that she is just like me. Likes other people's craft, can't do it herself and thinks she should be able to to. My advice to her was this. Make peace with yourself and find your 'thing'. She is a reader and a writer, so I suggested she start with those. Not everyone has to be able to make stuff. There are other ways.

And then, on Sunday, I went to my nephew's 6th birthday party. Sister B had made the most wonderful decorations, cakes and party games. Sister B loves hosting parties and she is brilliant at it. Well-organised, awesome themes (this time a Monster party), fantastic food (often with the same theme) and lots of party-games. This year she had also out-done herself. She had sewn these Monster 'softies' for each of the kids as a prize in the Treasure Hunt game. 25 little Monsters. They were amazing! Sister B does craft in a big way! Other Mums were standing around the party, Oohing and Aahing over Sister B's creations saying they wish they had time to do such things. I oohed and aahed too, but had no desire to recreate. I was just happy that my four kids got to take them home. Something special that Auntie B made. They won't get that from Mum, but that is okay with me.

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Maxabella said...

Thanks for the praise. Loving it.

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