Friday, 28 May 2010

Declutter fest 2010

The last time I got serious about home organisation was when we found out we were having twins. Needless to say that was a pretty crazy time, and changed things around and stored a LOT of stuff. I don't remember chucking much out though. It is a shame. It would have made my current situation a bit easier!

We bought our house when we were pregnant with Nugget. Had we had a crystal ball we would have bought a bigger house, but things being what they were, we bought a three-bedder. Six people in a three-bedroom place is a tight squeeze by all accounts, but we have always loved our house and somehow we all fit in (for the moment). From the moment I walked into it with my m-i-l, I knew it was a happy place.

With my impending Return to Work, I need things to run a bit smoother around here. I am not a very organised person by nature. I have developed systems to help me cope with the amount of work that I need to do in a day, but ask anyone who knows me, my house borders on 'tip' most of the time. I become 'don't clean up for each other friends' very quickly with most people.

The only thing that saves me is the cleaner. She comes once a fortnight and is a 'reset button'.

So in dealing with the angst of getting ready to go to work, in addition to the daycare arrangements, before and after school care, new haircut, wardrobe update, change in shopping routine, I have decided to do a big de-clutter and reorganisation to assist with getting out of the house on time.

I have found a great tool - Cut the Clutter (pictured above). Sister B, the organised one, lent it to me ages ago. I dusted it off the bookshelf and have begun to get to work.

If you haven't seen this book and, like me, could do with a hand in this sort of thing, I can recommend this author. It is divided into sections on housekeeping skill sets  (like decluttering, organising your home, cleaning your home and planning your home). I have already learnt about my cluttering personality (I am not a true hoarder but do seem to dabble in both Sentimental hoarding and Deferring) and the need to declutter first, then organise, then buy organising stuff (I must say I always buy new things first, you know, tubs or paper holders and then they don't work out so am happy to try before I buy this time).

At this stage, I am in the middle of the declutter. One 'hot spot' at a time has made it managable with the juggle of the kids. I have already thrown out heaps and donated even more to charity. It feels great! The doors are closing properly, I am able to find things in drawers and I have only had to look for the car key once this week!

Having said that, there is still an awful lot of homeless stuff hanging in my hallway. I will get to it, but for the minute, it has nowhere else to be. The magnitude of the job does my head in a bit, but the reward at the end will be a better functioning household that is not crammed with stuff we just don't need. We aren't really spenders either. I can't even imagine what some people must have stuffed at the back of their cupboards.

Do you know what is in yours?

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