Friday, 7 May 2010

Nugget's news

It's Friday. Nugget's News day. I dread Nugget's News because it is like pulling teeth trying to get him to engage in the process. he has no interest whatsoever. In the end it is always hysterical what he comes up with. He takes broken toys, any of the Ben 10 toys or an old book from when he was a baby. He never has anything to say about any of these things, he just wants to show the class. Riveting stuff Nugget.

We have taken to giving him prompts (you know, who? what? where? when? why?). It seems to be working in that he now has something to say, but his choice of topic is remains rather banal. Does he really think people want to see the old wrapper from his Ben 10 yoghurt treat?

I think this is a problem for a lot of the children in his class because this term the teachers have given us a topic to prepare each fortnight. I think it is a bit of self preservation (can you imagine sitting through a week of news about yoghurt wrappers?) for the teachers, but it is supposed to help the parents (I think) who struggle to come up with things to report each week. The other week in the fortnight continues in the Choose your own Adventure style of news, so we still have to generate our own stuff every two weeks.

Nugget's News today was a freestyle variety and I was dreading what he would come up with. Dirty sox? A ripped out picture of Lego from the a catalogue perhaps? Pleasantly, he wanted to talk about our weekend to the Capital. Last weekend we went to Canberra for The Geege's Outdoor Trade Show (he runs Camp Hike Climb, a camping store in Hornsby NSW). We dragged my parents along for the weekend, to give us a hand with the kids, so there were 8 of us to move around. It was lots of fun actually, and surprisingly simple to get about. Canberra gets a pretty bad wrap as a boring place, but it is not. Not one bit of boring was had by us. Anyway, I digress...

Nugget wanted to tell his friends about all the fun we had while visiting Canberra, but he couldn't quite remember all that we did. He wanted to put his version of events and wasn't happy to leave things out but only three days worth of stuff would stick. In the end I gave him a post-it with the following on it to remind him (I doubt he could read the words but it seemed to do the trick):

Our trip to Canberra by Nugget

Day 1 - War memorial = helicopter, submarine

Day 2 - Questacon = weather and water

Day 3 - Telstra Tower

Day 4 - Gruffalo

Back to Hornsby.

And that pretty much sums up the weekend :)

Have you got any tips for Mums struggling with News day?

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