Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sometimes four is too many

We had a very tough night last night. I finally got to sleep at 4.18 (I know this because that is the time that Dew Drop fell asleep and I would have been 10 seconds after him). We had the team going for it at different times throughout the night. Sometimes 4 kids is too many for any parents to manage.

We have been seriously sleep deprived for years. Nugget has always been a terrible sleeper and now, at five, he is still a regular in our bed at night. The good thing is that now he no longer wakes us, rather he just slides into the bottom of our bed, near our feet, and sleeps there. His kicking and murmuring usually wakes me up and so the battle back to his bed commences. Last night, while attempting to do his 'slink' maneouvre, he was caught because I was awake. When asked what he was doing sneaking into our room in the middle of the night he claimed he was scared of the dark (he sleeps in a room with Doo Dah and they have a light on). He chucked quite the tantrum at 3.30am but I stood my ground last night and he ended up back in his bed for the rest of the night. Our original horrendous sleeper is still a problem sleeper.

Doo Dah came along when Nugget was 20 months old (and still not sleeping through the night). Doo Dah was always an easy settler and a good day sleeper. He took his time to drop the night feeds and didn't sleep through the night much until after he was weaned (15 months) but he has been very little trouble since. He still has a dummy but self-settles and rarely wakes at night. While some might claim that this is not the definition of a 'good sleeper' by our standards he is great. The fact that the Geege and I didn't get a full night sleep for more than 16 months before and after he was born doesn't detract from this for me. Doo Dah is the one that usually sleeps through it all. But not last night. Last night he tried it on. He was woken by all the other antics going on in the house and then decided HE wanted Mummy or Daddy to help him go to sleep. His attempts were weak at best, but nonetheless, there I was at 4.05am soothing the Doo Dah. Sigh.

When the twins arrived I had little expectation of getting any sleep. It was however worse than your worst nightmare. They literally tag-teamed day and night for 6 weeks. I slept for approximately 1-2 hours at a time a few times a day. By the end of six weeks I was beginning to think up escape plans so that I could just leave it all behind. Thankfully, the Minx got it together and started to sleep. Peacefully. By four months she was a 'sleep through the night' baby and not a bit of trouble. Dew Drop, on the other hand, continued his 3 hourly cycle until 6 months of age. He still wakes regularly through the night (1-2 times mostly) and is a real handful. Usually we still manage okay because it is only one baby and we can take it in turns to deal with him if we have to. I no longer BF him at night but I imagine that once I finally wean the twins he may actually stop waking just to hang out with me? Last night however, both the Minx and Dew Drop had a shocker. They both screamed all night long. Nothing helped. No amount of cuddles would soothe them. I gave them both baby pain relief, eventually assuming that they must be teething? The Minx settled eventually (2am) but Dew Drop held on until 4.18am.

Last night was a four out of four kind of night. All of the bad sleeping patterns of the kids came to the fore. It is extremely difficult to deal with this when you have had no sleep yourself (the first scream (from the Mix) was at 12.20am and the Geege and I had gone to bed at 11pm). I am pretty exhausted today I have to say.

What about you? Did you sleep well?


Maxabella said...

I think we both know the answer to that!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an older post but it made me smile. A knowing smile that I nod a little and raise my medicinal cup of coffee to you...and I only have two! Its been 5 years since I slept.

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