Saturday, 26 June 2010

50 things you should know about me

I thought I would try out the Blog This challenge this week. The boys have gone to the circus with their cousins and grandparents, the babies are asleep so I have a few minutes to pull together a list of:

50 things you should know about me
  1. I have been blessed with more children than I thought I would ever have.
  2. I cannot believe I am 37.
  3. I am the reason Nugget (5) has a terrible temper.
  4. I have to take responsibility for Doo Dah's (3) shorter-than-average leg-length.
  5. I thought my daughter (18months) looked like a monkey when she was born.
  6. I thought Dew Drop (18 months) looked like Benjamin Button. (And not the hot Brad Pitt bits)
  7. I know it isn't cool, but I still think Brad Pitt is seriously hot.
  8. I avoided things that my sisters were good at.
  9. I did not 'peak' in highschool.
  10. I have some amazing friends in my life, many since my uncool days at school.
  11. I got to marry the best guy I have ever met.
  12. I have red hair, without the red. Just bouncey and big.
  13. After many years of child-induced sleep deprivation, I just don't seem to need it like I used to.
  14. I swear too much. Way too much.
  15. I wish I could bake.
  16. I have always wanted a gap between my thighs and a crease below my butt.
  17. I don't believe in God.
  18. I have hairy big toes.
  19. I sometimes buy lollies for the kids and then eat them myself.
  20. I have a very steep and slippery driveway. I fell on it this morning and now my back hurts.
  21. I constantly lose my keys.
  22. I rant at my husband too much.
  23. I am secretly devouring the Twilight series.
  24. I wish someone else in my house would fold my washing.
  25. I can't remember the last time I shaved/waxed my legs.
  26. I can't seem to wean the twins off the breast.
  27. My organisation system that I diligently set up as part of the de-clutter fest is not working out that well.
  28. I used to speak German.
  29. I was 'green' way before it was cool.
  30. I am a feminist, but in a good way.
  31. I like to eat dry pasta.
  32. I drink beer. Lots of it sometimes.
  33. The typist at a hospital I once worked at said I had the 'worst handwriting' she had ever seen. With such stiff competition (Can anyone understand their doctor's writing?), I was pretty offended by this.
  34. I eat lots of fibre every day.
  35. I like my caffeine cold.
  36. I am a terrible shopper.
  37. I wear a lot of black.
  38. I wish I had more flair.
  39. I wish I had more patience.
  40. I relate to this: "Life is not about waiting out the storms. It is about learning to dance in the rain".
  41. I really want to find the time to take my children to swimming lessons.
  42. I can be neurotic.
  43. I need to have surgery to put my tummy back together after having the twins.
  44. I wish I could take better photos.
  45. I am a crappy correspondent.
  46. I am terrible at small-talk.
  47. I want to spend my 40th birthday trekking in Nepal.
  48. The bird-of-paradise is my favourite flower, followed closely by the hibiscus.
  49. I wish I had a pair of rose-coloured glasses.
  50. I spend as much time as possible in the bush.

Did you learn anything new about me today?

Why not do your own list of 50 at Blog This?

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Maxabella said...

Amaaazingly I did learn something new about you today. I cannot believe you STILL think Brad Pitt is hot.

Our Park Life said...

Hello - I think Nic has already said Hi...(There are 2 of us sharing a blog at Our Parklife, in case you were wondering!)Thanks for stopping by Our Parklife

And i loved your list...I could have made many of these points myself. Especially numbers:6,13,15,19,21,23,24,27...ok I'll stop there are it is just getting strange now!

Oh and with number 6, obviously I have never met Dew Drop - i just thought my 6 month old looked exactly like Benjamin Button too when he was born!

Gill x

Cinda said...

Loved the list. Nice to meet u.

MultipleMum said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello Maxabella, Cinda and Gill. It is nive to know someone is out there reading...

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Awesome list. Great entry.

Danielle said...

I learnt allot about you, thank you for sharing xx

Leila {That Random Leila} said...

I want to trek Nepal as well! Great list - I loved reading it!!

Britt @ absolute alaia said...

I love lists like this as you get to know a person through their own eyes :-)

Jess said...

Wow... interesting list. I love Number 13 - it gives me some hope :o) I am always in awe of women who have 4 kids but twins as well.. what a star!

monique said...

Actually, only the dry pasta eating raised my eyebrows! Need a trekking partner for Nepal?

Mama Mandolin said...

Your blog is hilarious! And your kids are TOO cute :) I have 4 mo. twin boys so I love reading about how other moms do it...I don't know what I'd do with two more!

New follower from blog flow!

Hayley said...

Glad I am not the only one who enjoys a bit of dry pasta:)Such a beautiful family and blog!

Anonymous said...

I am a beer drinking ranting wife who lets her legs go in winter ;)

Thanks for the great read.

Anonymous said...

#40... dancing in the rain is the best :)

MultipleMum said...

Thank you to all of my new followers. Glad you like the list. There are some seriously good entries at Blog This.

toushka said...

great list, funny and authentic - I am slowly getting through reading all the great lists -(omg there are sooo many) but this one is so far my favourite

Annie H said...

I'm hopping by to say Hi! I've been enjoying reading your posts on nutrition. I am looking at drastically changing the way our family eats.

KDL said...

Just stopping by from the blog hop. After visiting my fellow zeroes (I am 240) I'm just scanning the list to see what jumps out at me. Your link did because I have twins, too. They are now 2.5 years. I nursed them for 15 months because I just couldn't stand the thought of washing so many bottles. Enjoy them while they are little. Age 1-2 was the best so far. 2 has been good, but challenging - two two year olds...ay,ay,ay. Cheers!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Sooo many I can relate to!

jazzygal said...

Well, I sure learned a lot about you on my first visit to your blog!! Cool list. There are some things in there that I can relate to!

I love your children's Blog names!

xx Jazzy (visiting from Blog Gems)

Loz said...

And I marvel at anyone who tackles the About Me theme with anymore than 10 entries - I'm here from Blog Gems

@jencull (jen) said...

hehehe, we have leg length issues in my family too, we all look tall sitting down but when we stand up we aren't!! Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

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