Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Christmas Birthday Issue

The twins were born on Christmas day. It is your worst nightmare isn't it?

Their due date wasn't until January 17th so I didn't really think that I was in the danger zone. But as I was getting more and more pregnant, and quite frankly, bigger than any person should ever have to be, it was almost a relief to go into labour on Christmas morning. That is, until I realised the life-long ramifications of a birth on that day.

I have to say that I have spent many moments in the past year and a half pondering the Christmas Birthday Issue (CBI). I have friends and family with birthdays all around that time and I have interviewed each and every one of them, looking for advice. The CBI is a tricky one (and one that everyone has a spirited opinion on).

There seem to be 3 main schools of thought for overcoming the CBI.

The first option is that we can celebrate their birthdays on Christmas day; choose either morning or afternoon and 'switch' the day in the middle. They get to have all of their presents on one day, have a birthday cake and the Happy Birthday song and be surrounded by their family on their birthday. It makes sense. It is their birthday afterall.

I liked this idea best, in theory, so we tried it for their first birthday {Mum insisted}, and I have to say it was pretty awful. There we all were at 3pm (after their sleeps) singing 'Happy Birthday' half-tanked to two one-year-olds whilst wearing our Christmas hats. It sure didn't feel very birthday-like to me. And can you imagine trying to hold a party for them in future years? Who would be available on Christmas day? Nope. That isn't the way to go.

So, this year we are going to try out another option i.e. celebrating their birthday on June 25th. A half birthday. Originally this didn't appeal to me. But after the less than successful first birthday celebrations and complete inundation of gifts last December, the thought of separating birthdays and Christmas has become more attractive. They can have a whole day of festivities for themselves. And in the future when they want to have a party, a date in June will be a lot easier to arrange than Christmas time. I think it will be a winner.

We will be taking a cake to the Twin playgroup on Friday this week, along with a stash of party hats and games for the big 18 month olds. It should be fun.

The last option, should our 'half birthday' fail, is picking another date closer to their birthday. Anytime from November 25th, until the Big Day would suffice. There is a lot of competition at that time of year in our family though. Mum, my f-i-l, and Doo Dah all have birthdays in the month prior to Christmas, so it will be hard to find a date that works. Here's hoping option 2 works.

As I see it, if you can have 'Christmas in July', surely you can have 'Christmas Birthday in June'?

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Maxabella said...

You know where I stand on this one... go the June birthday. I would hate to be a kid and have to celebrate on Christmas day. Who cares when the actual birthday is - the party is just about celebrating another year of yumminess.

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