Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Hand, Foot and Mouth extravaganza

Hand, Foot and Mouth (HFM). Sounds a bit like something I do all the time, but this little disease caused by the coxsakie virus (reminds me of another word I know...) is the cause of this ill-health going around at our place. {That and Sister B's son's nits that have made it into Nugget's perfectly formed ducktail, but that is another story}.

You may recall that I had the pleasure of the Minx's company on Tuesday, my non-child-free child-free day? Well, apparently she had HFM (without an obvious rash). I know this now because Dew Drop has developed a textbook case of it. It's a twin thing. Share and share alike. We went to the doctor's yesterday, just to confirm my suspicions, and his was so great a case, so fantastic a specimen, that my GP insisted that she show all the training doctors (we go to a GP Training Unit). You beauty Dew Drop!


The upside of this is that HFM is only a mild childhood illness. Nobody will need to be medicated or, god forbid, hospitalised. It is a quiet little, highly contagious nuisance. Any virus that doesn't come with vomiting and diarrhoea is fine with me. A bit of snot. A few blisters/non-itchy rash on the hands and feet and ulcers in the mouth. I can handle that. D&V, especially other people's, yuk!

The downside = house arrest. Quarantine for 7-10 days (until the blisters are gone). At least another week at home with no visitors. Another non-child-free child-free-day. Days of clingy children with runny noses looking for 'cuddles' and refusing to eat (the ulcers make mealtimes very interesting!).

And if I am REALLY lucky? Doo Dah and Nugget will also get the illness. A few days apart, just to drag out the experience for a few more weeks. And then my last few weeks of 'freedom' before RTW in July will be 'zap'. Gone. In the pop of a blister.

The joys of it all.


life in a pink fibro said...

Oh no! Poor you. Quarantine is just what you need... I hope they all get better without too much hoopla. x

Anonymous said...

Awful stuff. I feel for you. We had almost a month of quarantine due to both girls getting impetigo (school sores) consecutively. I have no helpful solutions to get through it. If it's any consolation I am a TV-Nazi and my schedule went completely out the window to get through this time. Go Dora I say!

Sonora said...

I'm so sorry you guys had to go through this too. I thought it was weird that it was considered a mild childhood illness because my kids were miserable. It must be a little different here because I checked with several doctors and they all said that within 1 to 3 days after the fever went away, they weren't contagious anymore. I thought that seemed fast, but so far we don't appear to have infected anyone else.

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