Friday, 4 June 2010

In the red corner...

Look at these gorgeous specimens. Sleeping soundly in their hammock. Together. Happy in each other's company (happier together than they were apart). Sigh. Those were the days!

The Minx and Dew Drop are at each other's throats at the moment. Fighting over every (any) toy they can. They are each other's BFF and enemy all in one. They can't seem to stay away from each other, but they tear each other apart when they are together. A nightmare for their mother!

Since they started walking, they have been gaining a bit of independence. It is easier for them to get around and so they explore the house. On the prowl for things to stick in their mouths or stash in a box or crevice (never to be seen again! They are the world's worst stashers!). And when one of them finds something, the other immediately wants it and then the fight is on. I never know who got it first or why they want it in the first place. Today's prize possession seems to be the old camera bag that I pulled out in the decluttering frenzy and now have nowhere to put until I donate it to the school for their fete later in the year. Yesterday, it was the phones. The day before some random puzzle pieces from Doo Dah's collection. It is really starting to get up my nose.

The thing with fighting 17 month olds is you can't really reason with them. Or discipline them. Or punish them. Time-out doesn't really cut it with this population. I find myself saying stupid, age inappropriate things to them to try to get them to "break it up". You know, "Minx, your brother had it first and when he is finished with it you can have a turn". Yeah. Right Mum. Just after I finish pulling it from his hands, screaming the house down and taking a chunk of his hair out while I am at it. Argh!

This whole time I have had twins I have never really thought about what it might be like if they don't get along. I just assumed that they would. And they do, to a point. It makes me realise that I do sort of treat them as a pair. Not as the same person or anything, but without any individual differences either. They are on the same routine, eat the same food at the same time, go to bed at the same time, and are offered the same toys at playtime. It is easier for me. I do the same with the older boys too. But this new Fightclub vibe has made me realise that they really are two different people. Siblings who just happened to arrive at the same time. I should be paying more attention to their INDIVIDUAL needs. It will probably serve me better in the long run anyway. They will influence each others lives no matter what I do. None of my other boys have had a love affair with a doll for instance, but Dew Drop does. They will always be each other's yardstick and will probably help each other understand the joys of the opposite sex.

I hope this fighting stage is short-lived (something tells me it won't be :), then they can get on with being buddies.

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Maxabella said...

They're frenemies!

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