Monday, 21 June 2010

The June Chronicles - What's on your fridge?

Sister B, over at Maxabella loves, is doing a Linky on chronicling life through the fridge door. I am sure she was hoping to attract more creative types than me, but in the spirit of sisterhood, I am joining in.

I took these snaps this afternoon.

Two handmade "sea creature" themed magnets (by Doo Dah), our most recent 'smiley' chart for the boys and my ever-present Breastfeeding Association magnet.

Always the practical pig, my fridge contains our two week menu plan. While some people I know have a computer spread sheet with menus and shopping lists, I prefer the hand-written version. Behind that are Nugget's latest sight words. All held up by some cute magnetic pegs given to me by my oldest friend.

What fridge would be complete without an inspirational photo? A younger, much slimmer me. This has been up since I did my big WW journey earlier in the year. The idea was to remind myself that I was thin once. This photo is held up by a couple of cute, 'home-maker' magnets that Sister A gave me (I believe she bought them from a store called One Wise Owl).


And then there is the obligatory children's artwork collection. Nugget's latest fascination is bats. Here is a drawing he did of himself and Doo Dah (as bats). While you may be thinking, isn't he five? I can assure you that there has been a vast improvement in his drawing skills since starting school this year (he was scribbling in November). The magnet is one of four that I have - one for each of the children's initials.


And that is it. The June Chronicles is complete.


life in a pink fibro said...

Lovely magnets. :-)

Maxabella said...

Thanks Coo!

jaqs said...

that looks like Mackeral Coo? (the beach I mean).. and ps, I'm new at this.. I've just jumped in and set up my own blog!
but there's nothing there yet!

MultipleMum said...

It sure is Jaqs! After we finished Third Year Arts. I still have that Super8 we took somewhere... I have never looked at it. It is like a time capsule.

Welcome to the world of blogging too. I will come and check you out! Send a link via FB when you get going so we can come and follow your journey.

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