Thursday, 17 June 2010

My new Lady-Crush

I was listening to the Conversation Hour on 702 this morning. I quite like a bit of 702 and, when they get a good guest on, the Conversation Hour is unmissable radio, in my opinion. The kids and I were on a road trip, of sorts, returning belongings that have been hanging at our place to their rightful homes. We toured 4 different homes in 3 different suburbs. House Arrest Solution #4.

Anyway, the guest this morning was Karen Hitchcock. She is an author, not one I had heard of until now, and my new definition of 'superwoman'. She was truly amazing. Her credentials that I gleaned from the interview:
  • She is a published author. Her book "Little White Slips" is a series of short stories that have been described as ""fresh and new and full of shocking beauty" by her friend and fellow author, Helen Garner.
  • She is a medical doctor - currently doing her advanced training in General Medicine at John Hunter.
  • She finished her PhD in creative writing last year.
  • She competes in triathlons - you know, the half Iron-Man version (not the mini ones that even I have done in my time)
  • She has twin daughters (who are now five but who were toddlers when she was doing her specialist medical examinations)

How in the world can one woman do all of that? She says that it is a matter of balance. Everything is done part-time ... a few days during the week for writing days, a few days that are hospital days and a few days that are family days or used for long-ride days (All of which adds up to more than seven days a week, but Karen didn't seem to notice this.)

And the best thing? She seemed lovely in the interview. Personable. Funny. Humble. I think I am in love.


Anonymous said...

Oh no I am torn! Do I love you or her more? I guess I can have more than 1 role-model today.

MultipleMum said...

Shucks! Pick her though. She trumps me.

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