Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My top 6 reasons for using cloth nappies

The Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) sparks much debate (and guilt) amongst my circle of friends. Everybody knows that we *should* be using MCN rather than disposables with our kids, but do we?

When Nugget was born, back in 2005, cloth nappies were on the radar, but not to the extent they are now. We tried using them with him, but it was a nightmare. I don't know if he wees more than most kids or just had a knack for weeing out of the nappies, but he was always wet. And so was his bed. We lasted about 6 weeks with him and I closed the door on that little environmental crusade.

The day that I found out we were expecting twins, I had been invited to a MCN party. While I had a LOT on my mind that evening, I went along and bought some Mandy Mac nappies. Doo Dah was still in nappies at that stage and I thought to myself "I might as well make the investment". I was so glad that I did. I have been using them ever since.

Here are my top six reasons for using cloth nappies:

1. Cloth saves you money: Once you make the initial investment (about $500 for a singleton), there's no more to pay. When you are on maternity leave for a long time (like I am) that weekly saving is really noticeable and appreciated. The first lot of nappies I bought in 2008 are still being used. Three kids for the price of one!

2. Cloth is better for our world: I don't need to rave on about this (although I could!). Disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to break down. Every one of them. Think about how many we use with each child (4-6 per day for 2-3 years!). That is an awful lot of waste. On my lazy weeks (when I use disposables), my Council bin fills right to the brim, but when use MCNs, it doesn't.

3. MCNs are easy to maintain: I know it is extra washing (but seriously when you do 1-2 loads a day anyway, what's one more?), but nowadays there is no soaking. If you get the right tools (e.g. I recommend the Little Squirt for cleaning), it is not difficult to rinse them off and whack them in a dry pale until washing day.

4. It is not all or nothing: I don't think you have to be a cloth nappy traditionalist. There is nothing wrong with going cloth in the day and disposables at night, or using a mixture of both during a day. Whatever gets you through I say. In recent weeks, when it has poured for days on end in Sydney and my cloth nappies were taking three days to dry on the clothes line, I picked up a packet of disposables and got on with it.

5. There is a nappy for all occasions: There are a LOT of different brands out there and you need to try a few that work for you. Some companies, like Baby Blossom have sampler packs (and host MCN parties, like the one I went to). I use a few brands: Mandy Mac and Green Kids. Mandy Mac's are cheap and cheerful (but not all-in-ones) and I use these at home. Greenkids are all-in-ones and handy when I am out and about.

6. MCNs are seriously cute:

What about you? Do you use cloth?


Maxabella said...

I admire you immensely for your commitment to MCN. Well done.

_Willow said...

I LOVE using cloth- mixture of modern cloth and terry flats.
Before, I thought cloth would be a lot harder... but it's not as hard and so many people make out. Even if you just use them every now and again, you still save money.

Willow is in mcn when we go out, or when I'm having a blurgh day, disposables at night or when I'm having a blurgh day. But I'd rather deal with the laundry piling up in the dry pail, then the rubbish piling up in the bin....

MultipleMum said...

Too true Willow.

x0xJ said...

Ohhh i stumbled upon this, and i am so happy to hear someone else who is using cloth nappies!
We use 100% cloth here for Master D. He has had the sposie or two grace his bottom, i.e. whilst we were in the hospital (all 12hours of it), but otherwise we are in cloth all the time.
Master B i didn't start using cloth with until he was 14months old and while he was in cloth all day we were never brave enough to use cloth at night until he began toilet training at 2.
We love our cloth and how honestly simple it is to use, and how much more funky it looks than sposies! Plus i love knowing i'm doing my part for the environment ;)

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