Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Not today!

Today was meant to be the second installment of my 'child free Tuesdays'. The kids have all started daycare in preparation for my Return to Work and I was meant to be swanning around town, pram free, BROWSING in shops, having long lunches and getting my hair cut and a pedicure. You know, recharging my batteries.

Instead, I am stuck at home with a (very) febrile little girl.

You know you need a break when your 17 month old daughter wakes up with a raging temperature and the first thing you think is "Oh God. It's Tuesday. NOT TODAY!" The poor thing is viral-ridden and feeling very sorry for herself (and hence stuck to me, whining, teary and sad). I do feel sorry for her and have been doting on her, but inside there is still a bit of me that is thinking "Why today?". Tomorrow would have been a much better day to contract a virus. AFTER my child-free day. When I am fresh and re-invigorated. Not today!

It could be worse I hear you say. You could have 2 sick kids. Or 3. Or, God forbid, even 4. Or you could have a sick child and 2-3 other kids to deal with as well. It could be worse. I know that. But it is what it is. I'm just not that good at sharing my rare 'me time'.

Her twin brother went off to Daycare this morning with his big brother. Doo Dah promised to 'keep an eye on him' for me (Bless!).  Dew Drop looked like he had lost a leg. Looking back over his shoulder as he was whisked into the car by his Dad. He hasn't been away from the Minx for more than an hour or two before. I, reluctantly, told the Daycare to call me if he was missing the Minx too much (you have got to wonder?). So far, so good.

She's in having a sleep at the moment (although not terribly peacefully). A small window of peace. A moment to myself. I will savour it. It isn't much, but it will have to do. Recharge batteries. You know you want to.

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Maxabella said...

As soon as I read 'meant' my heart sank. Stuff the febrile one, I'm sorry for YOU!

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