Friday, 11 June 2010

Nugget's news #2

It being a Friday, we have been preparing for another of Nugget's riverting news installments at school.

Today's topic for Nugget's News, kindly provided by his teacher, is "My Favourite Food".

I asked Nugget yesterday what he was going to talk about. I was genuinely interested in the answer as Nugget is not really a 'foodie' (an anomaly in our family) and therefore he doesn't really talk about food much, or request it. He's fussy but has enough of a repertoire for it to be manageable (if you know what I mean?).

Me: "So, what IS your favourite food, Nug?"

Nugget: "That's easy. Chips."

Me: "Chips? What sort of chips?"

Nugget: "Not fish 'n' chips but the ones Nanny gives me".

The ones Nanny gives him? Methinks.

Me: "You mean cold ones? From a packet? Crispy ones?"

Nugget: "Yes."

Me: "And they are your favourite food? You can't have had them very often?"

Nugget: "Whenever I go to Nanny's and you are not there."

Hmmm. Methinks. Nugget's News uncovers a family secret.

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

Funny! And no surprise about the fave food, must be a genetic thing.

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