Friday, 18 June 2010

The self confessed Twin-magnet

I am a twin magnet.

I haven't always been. The first time I remember being surrounded by twins in my life was when I was at high school. We had something like five sets of twins in our grade.

I was particularly friendly with one pair of identical girls. They were amazing girls and I quickly became interested in their closeness and connection. They were different to some of the other twins in our class, in that they had their own circles of friends, would have died rather than be seen in the same outfits, and played down their "twin-ness" {new word! You saw it hear first folks!}. But they were always there for each other. Whenever something happened to one or the other, from out of nowhere, her twin sister would arrive on the scene to assist. Like magic. Poof!

Those girls began my fascination with twins and throughout the years I have met many more sets who have fueled the intrigue. Uni. Work. Social scene. Even my husband's Dad is a twin. You name it, I have befriended a set of twins everywhere I have been. Like I say, I'm a twin magnet.

I blame this longitudinal "research" for giving me twins. I remember thinking when I was pregnant with the Minx and Dew Drop, 'if you just hadn't found twins so damned fascinating...".

I haven't read anywhere that being a twin-magnet will in fact cause you to have them yourself {an exclusive from MultipleMum!}. It seems the medical folk pay more credit to things like genetics, maternal age & number of previous pregnancies (all of which did not help my cause). But I reckon there is some credibility in my theory anyway.

Which brings me to today's observation. My children are twin magnets too.

Take Nugget. The first people he called his friends was a set of B/G friends. He met them at daycare and they have been fixtures in our lives ever since. I will never forget the first birthday party of theirs that we went to. This was before our twins were on the scene and we trotted along to the half Spiderman, half Princess themed party only to be overwhelmed with the number of other twins and triplets there. The birthday twins were part of a Twin Playgroup and all of their friends were multiples too. There were an awful lot of 'matching people' (as Nugget so innocently described them) running around the place. {Something I hadn't considered or expected before attending the party}.

And then Doo Dah went to a local preschool earlier this year (for about five minutes - a story for another day). The first kids he started hanging around with? A set of B/G twins. Spooky. Not to mention the twins that he has befriended at the Twin Playgroup we attend on Fridays with our twins. He is actually starting to think that arriving in pairs is normal. I am expecting him to ask me anyday now where his twin is.

And obviously, the twins themselves are surrounded by twins. Twin twin-magnets.

So all of this has got me thinking that maybe I will be the grandmother of twins one day. Argh.

And then that has got me thinking, that maybe I am going to have to help my child through the first six weeks of their twins' lives one day. Argh Argh!! *tearing hair out*

And that has got me thinking that, it may be best to send them all off to the monastery now because, quite frankly, I am not ready for that. Even as a hypothetical.

* Photo is a more recent snap of our twins for any interested readers


life in a pink fibro said...

Hmm. I think I'll be avoiding any hint of twins (except yours) for the foreseeable future. Wouldn't like any little surprises at this point in my life.

Naomi said...

I have twin boys and 5 other children. We seem to attract twins too, but with so many other kids I think we attract all kids...your kids are too cute!

MultipleMum said...

@Naomi: I can only imagine how crazy your life must be with all of those kids! Glad I am not the only twin magnet :)

Brenda said...

Your kidlets are soooo cute!

Happy FYBF.=)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Too funny! After our girls were born, I partnered with another mother of twins to form a Mothers of Multiples group. I've become friends with a few twin mommies. Our girls have never actually been around singletons - only twin playdates. One day I'll have to introduce them to the concept that not everyone comes as a pair. HA!

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