Monday, 21 June 2010

These are a few of her favourite things

The Minx is so tidy. It is surprising, given her genes, but true. She potters around, stashing things away and sorting things out. I know it is an age/stage thing, but she is definitely more into it than Dew Drop is.

When you get down to it though, those stereotypes about 'little girls' and 'little boys' are pretty true in our house. Here's a list of Minx's favourite things:
  • Shoes - she loves hers, mine and anyone else's. She wears them on her feet and her hands and strokes them when she is playing. It borders on obsession.
  • Make-up - she loves getting into my lipstick in the bathroom drawers. Honestly, none of my sons have done this. She hasn't quite got the hang of putting it on her lips just yet...
  • Cleaning - She definitely didn't get this urge from me! She rarely drops so much as a crumb during her meals, but she loves wiping down the boys' table after a meal and asks for a cloth. She puts her clothes in the dirty clothes basket (without being prompted). And the thing I love best? She will put her food scraps back on her plate, rather than dropping them randomly off the side of her high-chair like someone else we know (who will remain nameless, Dew Drop).
  • Telephones - she loves walking around the house pretending to talk on the telephone. She will use anything as a "hone" but is especially partial to my mobile.
  • Dolls - she loves playing with her 'babies' and carries them incessantly around the house.
She is a pretty typical girl, wouldn't you say?

It is wonderful to watch my little girl develop her own taste, style and interests. And, just like it is fantastic to have three gorgeous, healthy sons, it is very special to have a daughter.

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Maxabella said...

Typical girl! It's funny but there really is a 'typical', isn't there? She sounds exactly like The Badoo except The Badoo has unfortunately learnt how to take the tops off all my creams, makeup, etc. Mess.

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