Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our family gene pool - Mendel would have a field day

Did you wonder what your kids would be like when you were pregnant? The Geege and I did. We had a 'worse-case-scenario' (WCS) baby. He/she would have my thighs, my skin, The Geege's hairiness, The Geege's lips, my red-headed genes... you get the picture.

None of our kids turned out like anything I could have ever imagined. They even surpassed our 'best-case-scenario' (BCS) imaginings, even though many of our least desirable features got a guernsey (sorry about that kids). Sappy I know, but true.

The wonders of genetics have never ceased to amaze me. Mendel and those sweet-peas always intrigued me, even at school when, quite frankly you'd think I was absent most of the time given the degree of knowledge retention.

The more children you have, the more interesting the family genetics lesson gets, I've found. Not only do you find your features or that of your partner/parents/siblings but you see Child A's features in Child B. You start to realise that The Geege has Big B, Little B brown eyes, rather than 'BB' because we have only one child with brown eyes (and other equally earth-shattering snippets).

Having twins was a real lottery in terms of genetics. Would they be identical? If not, would they look alike? Like our other kids? Could we have the ultimate nightmare of WCS and BCS in the same birth? (Not to mention would they both be boys? But that is a post for another day...)

In our case, The Minx threw a real spanner in the gene-pool works. Before she came along, I had won 3/3 in the 'colouring in competition'. But she looks like my husband's side of the family (except her thighs, which sadly are a lot like mine) and is all dark and tanned. Lucky for her.

So here they all are, aged 16 months.

Nugget (August, 2006)

(Doo Dah, April 2008)

Dew Drop (April, 2010)

The Minx (April, 2010)

Do you think they look alike? If so, what features? And what about your family? Have you got matching kids or ones who run the risk of being introduced to each other at university (like Sister B and I were several times!)?


Maxabella said...

I love that the Minx is the complete opposite in colouring to her brothers, but still looks like she's part of the team. I think Doo Dah and the Minx look quite alike, actually.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

They all look absolutely beautiful! And yes, with a blonde haired blue eyed daughter my dark-haired, dark-eyed genes obviously were on the small side...

life in a pink fibro said...

Too cute. Can't wait to see them all next week! And then we can go through a Mr Potato Head mix and match session to see how they go against the cousins as well.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I am terrible with recognizing who looks like whom. Most people say that Baby A looks like my hubby, and B looks like me. That's true for the coloring...his olive skin and brown eyes, versus my fair skin and blue eyes. But some folks who know us well say the opposite. The only thing I can point to is that A may have more of my expressions, and B has my hubby's. It is amazing to contemplate!

Alex said...

We are constantly surprised that we ended up with a blonde kid (we have 4). My blonde is courtesy of a bottle and the hubs is very dark so where she came from????? (No, not the post man!

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