Friday, 30 July 2010

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I've written a lot about my twins over the past 2 years or so.

Twin Pregnancy:
The Minx and Dew Drop were a wonderful surprise at our 13 week ultrasound. It took some getting used to but we eventually embraced our upcoming twins. We didn't find out what sex they were.

The pregnancy went fairly smoothly, although there was a little scare at 27 weeks.

We struggled to find a name for the babies. Wasn't it hard enough agreeing on one name? We had to come up with four! Two possible girl's names and two more boy's names. Because we already had two boys, our list of possibles was diminished, but we really couldn't imagine that they would be girls. In the end, it wasn't settled until after they were born.

By 33 weeks, I had finished work and was having a model pregnancy. The count down was on.

Twin Birth Story:
The babies were born at 36 weeks and five days gestation. It was our very own Christmas Story.

This forms an integral part of the whole story and has created a whole host of decisions about when to celebrate their birthday.

Early Daze...:
There wasn't much opportunity to blog for the first nine weeks due to extreme craziness of it all, but things finally started to settle after that. It wasn't before time, I can tell you that. I was exhausted beyond my wildest nightmare.

By three months, we were starting to see the sky again.

By six months, Dew Drop's sleeping issues started to drive me around the bend.

To this day the twins are still breast fed, although  I have been trying to wean them for ages. After a shaky start, it all got a lot easier. You can read about the whole breast feeding story.

The Blissful Period:
They were late to move, so there were many months of sitting and not crawling. Things seemed quite 'easy' (well, relatively anyway) at eight months.

They talked at 11 months, the Minx first "Jakey" (her twin brother's name) and then Dew Drop (two days later), "Mumma". My heart swelled.

On the move and other angst:
The Minx got on the move by 10.5 months. But not Dew Drop.

The angst set in. The 'human speed hump' behaviour of Dew Drop got me worried. When was he going to move? We would wait until Dew Drop was 364 days old before he would join the daily crawls up and down the hallway with his (much more accompliished) sister. I sighed with relief.

It wasn't until they were nearly 17 months old that they (finally) walked on their own. Two days apart. The Dew Drop (marginally) in the lead.

With the walking, came the fighting. And the biting. But the Minx wins the 'bite-offs'. She has all of her teeth, and Dew Drop isn't terribly well endowed in that department. Apparently it is normal for twins, but that doesn't help him in the loungeroom biting matches.

Other twin tales:
Throughout the past 19 months I have been twinspired *ahem* to write other bits and pieces about the amazing world of twins:
Are they twins? - the most common question we are asked when we leave the house
Is this 'big' family thing catching on?
Does being a twin magnet actually increase your chances of having twins?

So you see, ours is not a particularly unique story, although the fact that we already had 2 small boys to contend with, did complicate the picture somewhat.

You will also see that I don't mind talking about the multiples in my life. They may have been a surprise in the beginning, but I sure as anything wouldn't be sending either of them back. They are keepers.

Let me know if you want to know anything else about parenting multiples (keep scrolling down to comment).

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Anonymous said...

My hands go up in amazement for multiple mummas... I have one newborn and a 4 year old and I shake my head most days wondering how the heck I am going to get everything done (and thats just the necessity's!) Thank gosh for pj's that look like clothes, or otherwise people would think I am in my pj's 24/7 (which unbeknown to them, I am).

Maxabella said...

You are so lucky to have documented the twin's babyhood (and the boy's too, I know). With my appalling memory, I'm already starting to forget the 'important' stuff. Sigh.

Jen said...

Your twins (and older boys) are gorgeous. I also take my hat off to you :). Following you from fybf :)

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Yay! You got the linky happening! Awesomeness :)

You are AMAZING. Seriously. I would have had about 8 nervous breakdowns by now if I were you... ;)

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