Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The school holiday project

Man. It is school holidays. With all the preparing for going back to work, EOFY for the business and household sickness, the holidays kind of snuck up on me. I am prepared this time though. I carefully scheduled the days, ensuring that we have time with friends, family and at home. Not too much, not too little, but just right (Thank you Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears).

The best laid plans are already coming unstuck.

Nugget was extremely tired by the end of Term 2. He was chucking tantrums with nauseating frequency (a sign that he is over-tired and over-stimulated). We managed this with a lot of trips to the Naughty Corner, many hugs and by descending into family survival mode. We only attended social engagements that were essential and did not make any specific plans ourselves. It suited us because of our grueling house arrest incident, and it is what Nugget needed to successfully see the term through (God help us when he is doing Year 12).

The Geege and I decided to ban TV for the last two weeks of term, as another strategy to deal with the increasing episodes of misbehaviour that we were dealing with. Managing a pair of TV addicts can be hard work and I have told you about my TV scheduling before. Two weeks without TV was going to be hard. Damned hard.

Needlesstosay the ban was excruciating (for all of us), but surprisingly, only for the first couple of days. After four days, the kids stopped asking for TV time. They just got on with things (blocks, Lego, puzzles, craft, you know, things). The household was relatively harmonious. Definitely less Ninja-fighting and alien-activity was sighted. Marvellous. I was truly amazed at the transformation (and reluctant to reinstate their privileges, but with the holidays coming up, and the Geege tied up at the store... I am not that much of a sucker for punishment!)

So the TV ban ended on Monday, and with it the family truce. The nagging commenced immediately so we have had a gradual reintroduction to previous scheduling levels. Except today, because I had made plans for half-day playdate with friends today but because the Dew Drop has been sick, we are reneging. Which means we are spending another day at home. Another cold, wet day. There is only so much Hide-n-Seek a family can play in a small house that has been the venue for the game on many occasions before, if you know what I mean?

The boys are glued to the box while I take a minute away. After an all-nighter and morning dealing with my whingey toddler, {he and his twin sister are taking a nap} I am truly exhausted. The TV is truly my saviour this morning.

I'd really love to know what YOU do with your kids on a cold, wet day when someone is sick? I'd LOVE some new ideas for games that we can play (18 months - 5 years).


spayskdet said...

Bake & paint are my fallbacks. There is always lots of mess but the clean up can also be fun when my girls help (and it kills even more time).

Jess said...

I am fairly new to the whole parenting game... but being pregnant with a toddler (in the winter) has definately forced me in to start looking for new indoor fun.. Kidspot has a good resource guide. Have a good search on the net (if u havent yet) for ideas.

MultipleMum said...

Thanks for the suggestions Spayskdet:) I am trying to bake more but I am not very good at sharing! The MESS that is made when Doo Dah gets together with flour has to be seen to be believed.

I will get the paints out tomorrow though. The babies will love finger painting - L.O.V.E it! I usually leave painting to daycare but I guess I will need to make an exception...

I haven't been to Kidspot for awhile and haven't looked through the resource guide. Thanks Jess!

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