Monday, 23 August 2010

Blog Bookmarks - The Blogging 101 Edition

I started this blog as a record of life, my thoughts and life's little lessons. Since entering the blogosphere, I have now accumulated more words of wisdom, interesting snippets and 'must-reads' to keep track of. It is a mind-field! Blog Bookmarks is a place to highlight some of my favourite finds for the week.

I am straying from the usual formula of my blog bookmarks post this week. In celebration of reaching 101 followers (thank you lovelies!), I am posting a Blogging 101 edition - Five of my own favourites:

 Meet my friend 'Flappy'

Are they twins?

Would you like a poo sandwich?

The fine art of friend stealing

Brendan Cowell - Two degrees of separation

If you are new to And then there were four, take a look at these posts from the archives, and don't forget to drop me a comment if you do!

 Regular Blog Bookmarks will be scheduled next Friday (I accidentally posted my Monday post on Friday afternoon, so this is out of sequence).

Tune in tomorrow for Blogging 101 - The wonderful world of blogging.


Maxabella said...

Happy 10FOUR!

I can't believe the 'friend stealing' post is back... ah, whatevs, I can handle it. But I would like to point out that it's not my fault our parents raised us to like each other and the same things, is it?!

Gill@OurParklife said...

yay! was a little worried when i popped by on friday...I thought perhaps you weren't doing your blog bookmarks anymore. So glad you are as i really enjoy your bookmarks post...

big congrats on your 101 followers! and going beyond that now! here's wishing you many more

gill xo

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This was fun! And congrats again on now having 104 followers!

Kelly said...

Congrats on 101 followers that awesome, your blog is so good I am not surprised at all. I love your bookmark posts :)

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