Saturday, 28 August 2010

Blog Bookmarks - Week Ending 27th August

I started this blog as a record of life, my thoughts and life's little lessons. Since entering the blogosphere, I have now accumulated more words of wisdom, interesting snippets and 'must-reads' to keep track of. It is a mind-field! Blog Bookmarks is a place to highlight some of my favourite finds for the week.

Angie from On the Rocks and Straight Up wrote a corker of a post about her relationship with sleep. I wasn't expecting the Gray's Anatomy quote but it seems she actually has a case of insomnia and can therefore be forgiven! I empathise with her as I have a battle of that nature going on at the moment too. Her post made me laugh, as her writing frequently does.

This week I discovered Made by Joel. Joel is an artist and blogger and his stuff is truly awesome. Awesome! I thought I might have a go at making these paperclip puppets. I know it will mean a whole new direction for me and this blog, but I have truly been inspired by this chap. Maybe I won't have to cross out the word craft everytime I write it from now on?

Sarah over at Just Me talked about Living in 2010. It is cute and funny. Another funny lady is Cate from I'll think of a title later. She wrote about What women want in a man throughout different stages of life. I think at 43 a man who 'doesn't attend Star trek conventions' is a minimum requirement. I mean, 43! Do they really still do that shit at 43?

I am probably the last person on the planet to know but this thanks to Hotpants over at Handbags and Handguns, I discovered that Barney from How I met your mother (possibly my favourite comedy on TV) and his 'long-term partner David Burtka are expecting twins via a surrogate this October'. I had no idea 'Doogie Howser' was even gay, let alone in a 'long-term partnership' (if I think about it, my 'Gaydar' should have known better). I wish them luck with their twins.

Leo from ZenHabits wrote a Brief Guide to Life which is, as usual, full of tips for keeping life simple. He's into his dichotomies that Leo and that is all right with me.

Problogger's key post of the week for me was How-to-make-your-blog-addictive-like-world-of-warcraft was writen by The Blog Tyrant. While I have to admit I have NO IDEA what World of Warcraft is (showing my age and life stage here), this post has some great tips for getting people to come back to your blog for more.

What was your favourite post this week?


Rachel said...

I have to say your post on water had me thinking this week..... and I have drank more since i read it...More water let me add not
Have a wonderful weekend

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I love Made by Joel too, such talent! Off to check out some of your links, love finding new blogs to explore.

Cate P said...

Sorry i took so long to get over here, having the husband home on holidays is cramping my style, tsk.
Thanks for the props, will be checking out the others here too, some new ones to me :)

Felicity said...

What the, Doogie Howser bats for the other other team?
Hmm, I think he sent a few gaydars off balance.

As for the Blog Tyrant, Jane Green from introduced me to him this week and he's worth a look in.

Great links, you'll keep me busy,

felicity x

Being Me said...

LOL @ Felicity suggesting 'Doogie' has sent a few gaydars off balance!

My stars. THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing me to Joel. He's well and truly bookmarked and I'm going to go make those paperclip puppets now!

LIfe In A Pink Fibro said...

I love the Blog Bookmarks - definitely bring them back. That problogger post is a cracker!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Still loving these. Are they making a comeback?

Marcy said...

My kids are OBSESSED with World of Warcraft. I can only wish that I didn't know what it is. :)

Miss Pink said...

I used to LOVE these. You should totally get into them again. Even if it's just a monthly thing or every other week.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I'm off to check out those links - a year later!

Thaanks for the chance to rewind.

Kelly said...

I love your Blog Bookmarks posts, always find sometime interesting to read xo

Anonymous said...

I'm with Allison, these posts are great. I don't get out much from my blog roll, this is a great way for lazy)ish bloggers to get a taste of what's out there.
I'm off to check out Problogger.

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