Monday, 16 August 2010

Got any good, sustainable weight loss tips?

That is not me in the picture, in case you were wondering. The image comes from here.

If you know me IRL, you would know that I have always had issues with my weight. I've never been really huge (except when pregnant but that doesn't really count huh?) but I have rarely been inside my 'healthy weight range' either (not counting pre-23 years of age). For about 14 years I have been trying to lose 'about five kilos'.

I have written many blog posts dedicated to weightloss. Take a look at them when you have some time. They are full of things I have learnt along the way, as well as a whole lot of angst.

You will see that I've had some success with Weight Watchers (WW) (earlier this year) but the creep has started and I am now looking for 'sustainable' solutions (before I put back on all of the 12kgs I lost!).

If you look at my personality, tracking Points isn't a great match for me. I hate doing the same things everyday and I'm very 'slap dash' in my cooking style.

WW did teach me a lot about portion size and planning though, and I have managed to keep many of the habits I developed on the program.

While I did WW, I also started running. I found the C25K program, downloaded Robert Ullrey's podcasts and off I went. A friend did some of the training with me (which really helped me get started), but it was the thrill of accomplishment that kept me going. I have always loved exercise, well, in recent years bushwalking mostly, but it had been a long time since I could have called myself 'fit'.

C25K is an interval running program designed to get you from the 'couch' (C) to (2) running 5 kilometres (5K) in a nine-week period. It is do-able. I did it. It worked. I still run at least once a week but recently recommited to the 3x weekly training that the program suggests because I have entered the Blackmore's Bridge Run and will be running 9K on September 19th.

To me, running is a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. I dig it. I don't have to drive anywhere or pay any money to anyone. I just have to drag my sorry butt out of bed in the morning, don my thermals and go.

So that is what I have been doing again lately. It feels good. It clears my head and refreshes my body.

I am still struggling with the 'right' approach with my food issues. Mind you, after speaking to a dear, very thin, very fabulous friend the other day, I began to realise that I will always have food issues. She has the body anyone would 'die for' and she made a quip along the lines of "Doesn't anyone who eats have a problem with food? There's just so much choice out there". Indeed there is. She is obviously making pretty good choices, but how does she do it?

As you know I have been loving Food Rules and I think that is helping me buy better food for the family (particularly with our snacks as the meal-thing isn't a big problem for me - besides the quantity!).

I'd be interested in your thoughts and ideas on how to 'watch what you eat' without going on 'a diet'. I need something that isn't going to make me feel deprived because I need it to be my new way of eating for ever more.

Do you eat in moderation? Do you avoid certain foods? Do you have any ideas that might help a gal like me?


Busy Working Mama said...

I love (and hate) to run. It is a full-body workout. Good for you!

I have watched my calories all my life and it's helped me stay at the same 125-130 pounds since high school (mind you I still have body issues and would LOVE to lose 5 pounds...but oh well!). I do have certain foods I completely avoid. I never eat fried foods more than once a month. I do not drink juice, soda or smoothies(um...empty calories?!), I do not eat muffins, bagels, donuts, pizza, french fries, hamburgers (unless homemade from scratch), hotdogs, sausage, waffles, pancakes, pasta, bread and many other processed foods. No desserts - but mainly because I don't care for sweets...I eat salty snacks instead :) No snacking/eating after 7pm. Sounds harsh, but it has worked for me. I love just LOVE fresh fruits and veggies and bring a bunch to work for snacks. You can fill up on them and they are so low-calorie!

Maxabella said...

You know you'll get no help from this buxom bird. x

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I know everyone is different, but I can basically eat anything I want in moderation. For me, moderation means eating out only a couple of times a week; having small dessert portions and not everyday; limiting empty calories in soda, etc. If I do this I don't "have" to exercise for weight control, but I try to exercise for the health benefits, and it makes me feel much better about myself, both physically and psychologically.

Where I have to be careful, specifically since the girls were born, though, is that I position food as a "treat" or a "reward". I don't get out of the house without the girls often, so what do I want to do (and it's often at a random hour, like after they're in bed)? Eat ice cream, of course! Or I just spent an hour and a half grocery shopping - by myself, at night - I think I deserve some candy! The ice cream and candy aren't bad from time to time, but it's the motivation that I think is dangerous. It can easily lead to emotional eating, and before I know it I've eaten 1/2 a box of crackers.

It's so much easier said than done, but I really try to challenge myself to think about why I'm eating outside of mealtime.

Jackie at 3littleones said...

I have also had success w/ WW in the past - but I tend to have twice a year (summer and holiday) where I start to see my weight creep up again - ugh! Of course I'm there right now and wnat to loose those few extra I just put on. I so want to start runnning - I usually do exercise videos (right now lots of Jillian Michaels) but I get bored w/ those so would love to be able to run too to mix it up some days. Maybe I will try the program you mentioned in your post :) Thanks!

Jasmine said...

My weight has always been up and down. I was at my lowest early last year (69kg) and LOVED my body ... but only maintained it for a few months before creeping up and settling around 73kg around winter. Even that I was satisfied with (it took a lot of effort to maintain that 69kg). Then over Christmas I gained weight, and then I started working fulltime in a desk job ... I'm around 83kg now and I'm not very happy about it. Mostly because all my lovely new clothes from last year don't fit me now! So sad.

Trying to do something about my weight again, but I feel like I've tried so many diets and nothing really works for me in the long run. I'm a real binge eater; I'm an angel for a month, then go on a junk spree. Argh!

Dr Eric Berg said...

how i wish i can have the goal body.. but with your tips, i know i can be. thanks to you!

Lucy said...

I am no expert. But I am currently maintaining. By simply eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. And never ever eating for emotional reasons. Sounds easy, hey. Not. LOL!

(Thanks for linking up, by the way.)

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