Thursday, 12 August 2010

Musical memories

I love music.

I love that when you hear a song, it can transport you to another place, another time.

For instance, when I hear Ben Harper's Fire and Ice, I am taken straight back to The Beach House, doing our bridal waltz, in my wedding frock, as happy as can be.

When I hear Cold Play, I am at the Big Day Out, surrounded by people, singing along to the songs, being warmed by the sun, a few beers into the day.

And last night, when I heard Ben Folds Five's Narcolepsy, I was immediately returned to 1999, to a white 4WD covered in "bull dust", with a fairly dodgey sound system.

The Geege and I had been together for about 2 years and we set off on a 4WD trip around Australia. He planned it meticulously, I just went along for the ride. We took 8 months to cover about 20,000kms and 6 of the 7 states (sadly, we didn't set foot in Western Australia).

We had the best time.
We camped everywhere we went (the fact that our tent never learned to put itself up was one of the reasons we eventually decided to head home).
We drove for miles on red-coloured dirt roads.
The Geege taught me about rock formations (he studied geology at uni).
We learnt about our country and its history and its indigenous people.
We did numerous multi-day bushwalks.
We met people from all over the globe.
We got acquainted with 'grey nomads' and followed the Dunlop K-26 footprint at every major attraction.
We learnt to cook on the open fire.
We gazed at the stars everynight.
We watched birds during the day.
We taught each other things about ourselves.
We didn't have a care in the world.
And by the end of it, we worked out that we were made for each other.

Thanks Ben Folds for the musical memory!

I love that about music.

What songs transport you to another place?


life in a pink fibro said...

What a gorgeous post. Love it. I have so many musical memories - every time I hear a song I can remember its story. Oasis in particular puts me in London in the early 90s, living with some of my favourite people in the world, with the strangest landlord in the world. Good times. 'Country Roads' has me in the back of [insert family car] on an endless journey to summer holidays. As for 'Try a little kindness'...

Maxabella said...

Too many to list, for sure, but Cold Chisel always makes me feel like I'm 15 again. And Oasis has me back belting out the tunes in a London pub in seconds. Dixie Chicks is me pregnant with Max, The Wiggles is me pregnant with Arabella and John Mayer is me pregnant with Lottie. John Denver always reminds me of 'home' and Jimmy Barnes 'Working Class Man' album is the last family trip to Queensland. Do you remember Dad saying that he would like to hear Jimmy Barnes do an opera aria?

Kelly said...

Such a beautiful post, I enjoyed reading about your favourite songs and the memories behind them.

Langdowns said...

Hmmmm. Anything by INXS or U2. Oh ... and Prince. All take me back to when love was a new feeling and music set my body alight! LOL.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow! That sounds like an amazing adventure! I love being transported back in time by songs, and - on a separate note - smells. There's something about engaging multiple senses that really evokes a memory.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Fab road trip! On musical memories, like other commenters there are too many to mention, but stand out ones would be Nirvana which I listened to in labour on No 1 daughter (she didn't come to any lasting harm either!) and Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger' which was always played for me at Uni. Great memories x

@jencull (jen) said...

Queens 'Fat Bottomed Girls' at midnight on New Years eve as my Dad was turning 40 a few days later and that was the celebration!! Umm, it sounds a bit suspicious now that I write it but it was all in good fun :D Jen

Loz said...

At the risk of self promoting a little I wrote a post way back in 2007 about the same thing -

But to answer the question here - it's the Eagles and I am very excited to be seeing them here in Melbourne in a couple of weeks time.

PS - I'm over from Life in a pink Fibro

Cate said...

Music is like a fragrance - conjures up such sudden and unexpected memories! Wonderwall takes me straight back to my uni days :-) xxxCate

Anonymous said...

What a great trip! I'd love to do it one day.

littlemissairgap said...

I have many music triggers but one that always brings up the same memory is Inxs "Burn 4 You" ... grade 11, summer, the beach & boys on the brain. Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" makes me want to hyperventilate as it brings back memories of a month of pulling mid-dawn announcing shifts & the panel I was using shitting itself causing the radio station (and the other stations we were networking to) to go off air momentarily ... hence the anxiety attacks! "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" by Edison Lighthouse makes me feel like I'm 4 again & sitting around the table eating breakfast listening to the radio. Love Music for the memories.

Gill@OurParklife said...

so many songs i could mention here...Oasis takes me back to ending high school( i notice they seem to be mentioned a bit in your comments), The Waifs take me back to driving around Australia and Missy Higgins remind me when I lived in Sydney....

Such a shame you didn't make it to WA! We are just too isolated over here!

Gill xo

Tenille said...

Ben is awesome; have you seen the youtube clip of him doing chat roulette?

Music triggers strong memories for me too, mostly linked with my last couple of years at school, or seedy evenings in clubs in subsequent years. I still love the Gurge to bits (they provided the soundtrack to many infamous moments for my circle of friends). I'll love Arcade Fire forever after seeing their set at the Big Day Out in 2008. And Tim. Oh Tim. You Am I were my first Uni Gig. The set they played at the Metro that night will forever be hard to top.

I should finish with my wedding song; 'To Sheila' by Smashing Pumpkins. Will always bring a tear to eye.

life in a pink fibro said...

Still a great post. x

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