Thursday, 26 August 2010

Reflections on the first 6 months of school

Nugget started Kindergarten this year. With all the 'back to school' activity in the Northern Hemisphere blogosphere, it has got me thinking about Nugget's first six months. He's been doing really well on the whole. Mastering most of the skills required to get through Kindy.

He has a gang that he seems to play with regularly. There was the stolen museli bar incident with his, now BFF, in the beginning, but otherwise no signs of social problems. We've had several playdates over the year and he seems to have picked a nice little group of kids to play with (don't get me started on some of the Mums though!).

His reading is coming along nicely. It still amazes me that kids can learn to read. One week they are looking at books with a big picture and a single word on a page (and it doesn't take a genius to have a good stab at those books!) and then 6 months later they are reading. Really reading. Books. Magazines. Sub-titles on the TV. Nothing is sacred.

His spelling is great. He is impulsive, like his mother, but when he stops and thinks about it he can spell most words. When he is wrong, his attempts make good phonetic sense (like bloo for blue), if only English were so simple!

He can add and subtract numbers and seems to enjoy doing so.

There are a few issues with his News topics, but he does participate and seems to get a kick out of being the centre of attention for all of the 2 minutes it must take him to exhaust his knowledge on the topic of the day.

And his writing, well, every kid has an Achilles heel don't they? It seems, Nugget has inherited my terrible handwriting. I think I have referred to it before? (Number 33 on the list)

We have been seeing an Occupational Therapist (OT) for about a term now. His progress is phenomenal, but he is still miles behind his class in terms of letter formation, cutting and other fine motor skills. I reckon he will get there, but for now we have a regular gig on a Thursday morning before school!

It was a pretty tough decision for us whether to send Nugget to school this year or not. In NSW kids must start school by the time they are 6 but can start school the year they turn five, provided that they do so before July 31. Nugget has his birthday in April, so he is borderline (the trend is usually to 'wait' if the child's birthday is much after February). He is young for his class, but certainly not the youngest.

So far I feel we have made the right choice for him.

He makes us proud every day.

How is your Kindy kid going?


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow...that is amazing how you describe his reading and math skills! So glad to hear he is doing well in Kindy. I know our twins will be there before we know it! ((sniff))

Maxabella said...

What a great wrap up of how Nug is doing. I'm very, very proud of him for doing so well. He's always had an amazing ability to concentrate on the task at hand, so I always imagined that he would be a very good 'learner'. I'm so glad he is. x

Monique said...

I have kept some of Bradley's spelling attempts, my favourite is 'smiyol' :-)

Moi said...

My eldest started school this year and seems to be having a very similar year to Nugget.
His "stolen" incident involved a dollar coin though.
He also attends OT and is coming along well. However, we've also learned that he has physio and vision difficulties as well. Making sure he keeps up with all of his after school activities set by his OT, physio and optometrist is exhausting all 'round.
How does Nugget find his OT homework?

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