Tuesday, 17 August 2010

There's a band on every corner

I have always been into music. I've loved listening to it, playing it, going to gigs to watch it live and, of course, belting out a tune in the shower. I have never been very good at it, but I have loved it all the same.

In my youth, besides learning music at school, I was also in the Town Band. This involved playing at all the important 'town events' such as Anzac Day, the local Agricultural Show and Spring Festival. It also involved trips away and in an American Pie Band Camp sort of way, all sorts of shenanigans. Booze. Sex. Hypnosis. You name it, we tackled it. It was wonderful to belong to this crew. To add my own part to the overall score.

Then, when I was an Exchange Student in Germany, I hung out with a group of musos. They were the Strawberry Hellbellies and played Ska music. I had the best fun going to their gigs and being a 'rude girl' in my big boots, tartan skirt and very short hair. I helped them re-write their lyrics into English. They were my gang and I explored German culture through their artistic, green, and highly political lives. They have had a lasting effect on my psyche.

When I came back from Germany, I moved to the Big Smoke to go to university. My first boyfriend was 'in a band'. He was an awesome guitarist (no, really), and the band was lots of fun, in a 1990s, "white-boy-funk" sort of way. 

I was the full "band chick" and my friends and I spent many an hour on the dancefloor, singing along to the band. Wherever they went, I would go too (working around a hectic university schedule of course).

I spent much of the four years I was with him at music festivals, in pubs watching live music, or at Byron Bay in a recording studio. It was the best fun in a sex, drugs and rock'n'roll kinda way. Quite literally in this case.

I really miss seeing live music. The closest I come now is watching The Wiggles!

It is definitely not the same.

But my ears live happily ever after without the tinnitus.


Nic@ourparklife said...

I love music too, and so do my boys. We have a piano and guitars with amplifier set up in the lounge ready for a good ol fashioned family jam when the urge strikes! The last band I went to see was Fat Freddy's Drop at the Womooboo World Music Festival in Feb this year. I'd love to go see more live music like we did back in the day....

MMBB said...

That sounds like fun! I haven't heard live music in a long time.
Monster seems to like musical instruments so I'm going to get him a cheap keyboard to bang on and when they're older some guitars or something.
I used to play violin :P inschool, but I know one or two little tunes on other instruments too. Music makes me happy lol

Maxabella said...

You really need some music in your life! This summer I want you to book tickets to your fave festival for you and Geeg and we'll take the kids. A weekend won't kill us. Please do it!!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, how I miss hearing - and feeling - live music! The last real concert I went to, I was about 17 weeks pregnant. We were actually front-row, and as much as I enjoyed myself, I was worried that it would damage the babies' ears in utero. :) I think they're fine...but they do really start to groove when the Los Lonely Boys music plays, and I can't help but think there's a connection. :)

Very cool story about your roadie days in Germany. I am sure that really contributed to your exchange experience.

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