Sunday, 5 September 2010

Blog Bookmarks - Week Ending 4th September

I started this blog as a record of life, my thoughts and life's little lessons. Since entering the blogosphere, I have now accumulated more words of wisdom, interesting snippets and 'must-reads' to keep track of. It is a mind-field! Blog Bookmarks is a place to highlight some of my favourite finds for the week.

I read on the cover of a book this week, that 'if you write well, you can write about anything'. This applies to my first bookmark this week because, honestly it is very depressing, but I couldn't help myself but read to the end. Sleepless Night's hosted a post for a friend and it is a reminder that even with people you once loved, things can get way out of hand.

Not Drowning, Mothering talked humorously about her birth plan. Planning was never one of my strong suits so I can't say I ever made a birth plan myself. I did cheat a little and attend a couple of births prior to signing up for one myself (which probably doesn't surprise you!), so I already knew how wayward they can go. Unsurprisingly, all did not go to plan for NDM? *Sigh* if only...

British blogger, Mummy Has a Headache unveils her 'sliding doors' moment as a lesbian living in Sydney. Her description of  the shared house in which she lived is reminiscent of many of the squats that people I know lived in in the inner city in Sydney and on their travels abroad in the 1990s. Must have been a housing shortage!

Anj from Anj writes about... wrote from the heart about her experiences with panic attacks. The post is called Shadows and Light and is beautifully written. I'm not kind enough to people with anxiety problems.

And finally, Cate from I'll think of a title later did a great piece on bouncy bios. Even though I am a complete Twitter-phobe, (I am sure they have one of those cute tweep-speak names for people like me?) it is another extremely funny post (and makes me think that I should work on my profile bio).

What was your favourite post of the week?


Annette said...

I just learned about your blog from Maxabella Loves... I love your blog design and your thoughtful posts. Your "blog bookmarks" concept is wonderful. I find that I'm always saving my favorite blog posts and waiting for the perfect moment to give them due credit. My favorite post of the week comes from The Adventures of Chip and Bobo. It is simply titled "Love."

I'm a new follower. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Maxabella said...

This is a great wrap up, as always. The blog bookmarks is such a great idea. I think you should start a 'linky' so that everyone can do bookmarks on Sundays and link them all together for a 'best of' the week. i would be into that immediately!!

PS - Still not well today. Poor Barty has been having a very low key father's day as I snuffle along.

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

@ Maxabella, that sounds like an Awesome idea!

Pop on over to my Blog to collect your Blog Award!

Kelly said...

Fantastic links! I might not make it to bed tonight, too much to read lol!

Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks so much for the link and kind words about my post! And as for feeling you're not kind enough to people with anxiety issues...well, we tend to keep it either pretty well hidden or safely tucked away for fear of being judged. I'm thankful for all of the supportive comments I've had since I posted - including yours!!

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