Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The language of child wrangling

I was busted in the carpark the other day belting out my version of Tom Jones's "Sex Bomb":

Stink bomb, stink bomb
You've got a stink bomb
Everybody loves you
but you've got a stink bomb

I was changing Dew Drop's nappy in the back of the car, entertaining him and me with a little song and dance.

The woman who caught me looked quite embarassed (for me?) but I could tell that she was going to be singing along to the song in the car as she drove off. There was something about the crooked smile she gave me that made me realise that she got it.

I have always been one for making up words (and songs), as well as adopting apt ones from others. I find situations that just don't have a word to describe them, so I either invent one, introduce the German equivalent or borrow one from someone else who has beat me to it. The stink bomb is one such example (although probably not unique).

My favourite addition to my parenting vernacular comes from my sisters. It is "parping" and it is the thing that babies do when they are hanging around, flailing their arms and legs about while lying on their backs. "How is baby X?" Me: "He's parping along on his rug". With the number of slow movers in our family, it is little wonder that we needed a name for this activity!

Breast feeding is known as "having some booz" by our family, and "boozie juice" is what breast milk was referred to. I am in the process of re-training the kids in female anatomy (partly because the Minx thinks she has a 'willy'!) because they like to talk about 'boozies' a lot in public. The obsession with breasts begins at an early age it seems.

And then there are the many names for the nappy change. Sister A used to call it "Freshening the regions", my sister-in-law, "dealing with a ponky-polecat" and me, I call it the "schlonk ponk". God only knows where any of these expressions come from, but they are regulars in our household.

What about your house? Have you got some little expressions you'd like to share?


Kelly said...

This post makes me giggle, best way to start the day :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm another Mama guilty of making up her own words to songs. Anything to amuse the kiddies ;)

Anonymous said...

I was just adding you to the hop but you beat me to it! LOL

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I am such a poor excuse for a singer, but I continue on, making up songs and lyrics all the way. At least right now, my girls don't know any difference...although my hubby is another story. :)

And my diaper euphemism is "activity in the Southern hemisphere". Thought you might appreciate that one. :)

alliecat said...

I must admit I've sung that nappy change song quite a bit myself! Love a good song wrod change, and we have a few madeup ones of our own too.

Hanna said...

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Traci66 said...

I like to make up songs to. When little man and I are cruizin' camp on the golf cart I am always coming up with something. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. I am now following you.

Quadmama said...

I make up songs all the time. Lately, though, I've had to "censor" my songs, because sometimes the only things I can come up with that rhyme with a previous verse are words like "poo" or "toot." Then I'm greeted with a chorus of "Mommy!!!!! You shouldn't say those words." Some days my girls really take the fun out of things : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in on our Tues. Blog Hop! Have a great time hoping around :)

Maxabella said...

I can't believe my "honka ponka burning love" got missed out of the nappy change round up!!

Now that the babies are all grown up and there's no actual parping going on, I've found myself refering to what I do at work as 'parping'. "How as your day?" "oh, you know, I was just parping away".

Cate P said...

I have always changed words in songs (sometimes unintentionally) to suit situations with the kids. Son just got his driver's licence and I found myself singing "he's going driving down the freeway of love, in his red mazda..."

Colleen said...

New Follower through Tuesday Tag Along. Stop by if you have a chance. http://sewtheday.blogspot.com

I like to borrow words from Joss Whedon. Like goram... as in... Shut the goram door! :)

Kamarine said...

I'll admit to using goram and possibly even fracking from BSG.

Nappy changes are known as bum changes. Not very original.

I will forever think of this every time I hear that song. Thanks for the laugh! :D

life In A Pink Fibro said...

Am so excited to see 'parping' taken to the wider world. Though I agree with Maxabella - its meaning has changed and extended to mean all meaningless activity.

katepickle said...

'freshening the nether regions' LOL I LOVE it.. I am so stealing that!
And yes my 12 week old is exceptionally good at 'parping'.

My three year old can often be heard singing to his baby brother...
"Postman Poo, postman poo, postman poo with his brown and smelly shoe..." oh and ok I confess I may have made up matching words for the rest of that song and I might just sing it too on occasion!

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Lauren said...

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Happy Tuesday!

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Emy said...

Leave it to us moms to just come up with the most cute and random things! I guess it's something that only other mommies understand :-)


I'm a new follower! I found you through Tuesday Blog Hop by Nimbler GRove. Can't wait to read upcoming posts.


~Dawn~ said...

I love all your made up words and phrases...hilarious!

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Now following from Tuesday Blog Hop!!

Jennifer Sikora said...

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Fuyume said...

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Let'sMakeADifference said...

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Sonora said...

Ha! This is so funny! I love the story at the beginning about the lady catching you singing. I can see that happening to me. I am always singing and changing words. I have been amused more than once at how fast my five year old has picked it up and how she is quite talented at changing songs herself.
I know I have a bunch of weird things that I say but i can't think of them right now for some reason. I do say stinky pooper (for dirty diapers, I probably didn't need to explain that :) ) and naughty noo. I think it is even funnier when the toddler learning to speak says it.

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Busy Working Mama said...

OK great, now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day LOL :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

PS...and I didn't think you were being judgemental in your red glasses post :) Hope my comment didn't come across that way! Thanks for stopping by, too!

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