Sunday, 24 October 2010

15 Lovely Blogs

Carol and Stacey from Intentional Conscious Parenting have handed on an Award to yours truly. Thanks so much to them for their stamp of approval!

If you haven't visited their blog, you really should. These women are in touch with their inner 'warm fuzzy'. Their blog is described as "a place to share ideas on raising children in an intentional way with a focus on inner connectedness, using our intuition, connecting with our angels, mother earth, celebrating each child's uniqueness and bringing out their inner creativity". It is a wonderful place to head when you need to change direction.

I feel a bit bad accepting it in this way because I usually don't make a song and a dance about these things, but in the spirit of B2SB2B's focus on 'growing loyalty' I saw this as another opportunity to highlight some of your blogs!

So here are the 15 Blogs I would like to share my One Lovely Blog Award with (again steering away from my Blog Roll). Most are readers of And then there were four. Some I just wish were. All I think are lovely in their own right. In alphabetical order...

1. Ah, the possibilities! - Seraphim is a great writer and has a blog that will delight ya.

2. BabyMac - Beth has just moved to a spacious home in the country. It is an exciting time to get to know her.

3. Cloth nappies are fun - Ellie has a way of making anyone want to take up cloth nappies! As I am already a convert, I just like to ogle at her gorgeous children and her creative spirit.

4. Gifts of serendipity - Felicity has a blog full of prettiness. She is participating in Blogtober and this means prettiness from all letters of the alphabet for a month!

5. In a beautiful pea green boat - Alliecat writes a cool blog that is nearly as random as mine is in terms of content. lol.

6. Made by Joel - This guy doesn't know I exist, but he makes such awesome craft that I can't help but wish I could replicate, but I can't, so I just look at his.

7. Mommy of a Monster - Natalie is another twin Mummy (from the US) with a super-popular blog. She is a emotive writer who (mainly) sees the positives in life and makes me remember to dance in the rain.

8. On the Rocks and Straight up  - I was attracted to Angie's blog because of the title, but it turns out we have a fair bit else in common (besides our preference for alcoholic beverages). If you haven't already, check out her hilarious wardrobe malfunction post - it really will make you feel better about your foreplay techniques.

9. Pampers and Pinot - Kristy is a fantastic writer who regularly has me in stitches.

10. (Ramblings) From Toushka - Toushka and I 'met' through a WW experience earlier in the year. She is a funny, Mummy blogger with a great eye for finding the unique in the mundane.

11. Shhh...It's Lizeylou - I'm pretty new to this blog but I am loving it! Lizeylou talks books and music and other bits and bobs and always has something interesting to say.

12. Suger Coat it - Melissa writes about blogging and living and dieting and she does it all very well.

13. The Girl in red heels - with a blog title like that, do I need to go on? Of course you want to take a look! She is 21 and she shops and chats about pop culture, fashion and the ranty side of life. I rate her.

14. With my own two hands - LJ has just had her third baby. She blogs about frugality, minimal impact living and craftiness.

15. Writing out loud - Megan is a lovely writer who documents her life as a Mum with a great turn of phrase (be careful - she is renovating at the moment!).

Who would you have on your list?
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MultipleMum said...

PS. If you are over at their sites, please let them know that I nominated them for an Award. I am working tomorrow and may not get around to everyone. Cheers, MM xx

Katie said...

Love this list. Gonna spend some time visiting these blogs.

life in a pink fibro said...

This is cool! There are quite a few here that I haven't visited before, so I'm heading over.

Megan said...

Thanks so much!! I'm stoked that you've named me in this list! And all the others sound great - will go for a few visits later.


BabyMac said...

And thank YOU too! Appreciate it x Will be sure to check out all the rest too.

Kelly said...

Very cool list! Some of these are already on my read list, I will have th checkout the others now :)

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thank you gorgeous 'you', it's very special to be included in your list and I look forward to reading the other nominees blogs.

x Felicity

Tat said...

Congratulations on your award, you deserve it. And thanks so much for nominating me.

alliecat said...

Thanks, I am a bit random, and I'm proud of that! Love your blog too xxx

Naomi said...

Hi im your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop come on by and say hi. Don't forget to leave a comment and follow back :) !


spinninglovelydays said...

Congratulations on your award! Hope all's well down under.:)
Following you now!
Spinning Lovely Days

Jodi said...

I am your newest follower from the blog hop!

Oh my gosh, I have b/g twins too! They will 3 this Thursday. I have a 7 year old daughter too. Some days are so insane. :-)

Stop by and say hi when you get a chance!


Cindy said...

Congrats on your award. Thanks for visiting and linking up.

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