Wednesday, 6 October 2010

20 year school reunion - post mortem

I didn't realise that I had expectations about the school reunion. I mean, with all my focus on what to wear, I hadn't really stopped to think about what would happen when I got there. What would I find?
Would people be famous? Rich? Happy?

How many different ways would there be to spend 20 years?

It was in fact a surreal experience.

I should have studied the school photo before I went and read my diaries because I think that I was asleep most of high-school. I couldn't remember anyone's names and those whose faces I was able to recognise, I embarassingly called something different. Luckily, they thought I was joking.

The only people who looked really good, enviably good, had no children. Except one girl who looked fabulous and was the mother of two. I suspect, just between you and me that she may have had some 'work' done.

The most number of marriages we were able to determine went to the Silver Fox whom one of the girl's we hung out with was married to. He was on number 4. Another of our classmates had two ex-wives and was at the function with his fiancee. He was a dark horse because none of us could remember him even looking at a girl at school.

The most number of children to different partners went to the guy who fathered his first when we were still at school. Four kids, three different mothers. Not much of a surprise given that he was 17 when it all started. One girl and one boy had six children each. Made me tired just thinking about it.

There were three confirmed homosexual men, (not counting the one who I started a rumour about given that his FaceBook photo depicted him with another man. And he is in advertising. And lives in Balmain. He was most unhappy with my assumptions). None of them was actually present.

There were no lesbians. By the end of the night as the beers flowed, more and more girls confessed to a 'girly-pash' in their 20s, not wanting to be out-done by the boys. None of these changed the tally.

One guy had had a stroke and another walked with a cane. Thankfully, there were no other major illnesses that I uncovered. Sadly, there were four deaths. Three blokes and a girl. Two of the men died with complications from drug abuse and the other commited suicide. The girl died following complications from an ectopic pregnancy.

There were two alleged blue-collar criminals. This wasn't raised on the night, but I thought I would mention them in because it adds to the drama, don't you think?

Most people present were married, with kids (mostly young like my own) and a job. A whole lot of sameness, despite the many paths we have taken to get there. All those young classmates have gotten lost in nearly-40 year old bodies, with 20 years of stories to tell. You could still see them there, but they were different too.

Mostly people were a lot nicer than I remembered.

The experience made me feel older. And wiser. And happier with my own life than I thought it would. I still looked pretty good in my jeans, despite my four young children. I have done okay. And so, I happily discovered, have many of my classmates.

Have you been to your 20 year school reunion? How did you find it?

*Playing along with Jen from the King and I's Blog Gems on Jan 16, 2011.


life in a pink fibro said...

I went to a 15-year one. My year always did things slightly differently. It was a lot of fun. I think it's always fantastic finding out about people's life paths. The stories! Love the stories.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I went to mine earlier this year - it was the first-ever and was the 30th anniversary of when we started high school {old? Did somebody say OLD?}. Much like you I wished I'd studied up on faces and names. It was interesting how much some people had changed, and how little others had... Best anti-smoking ad ever though - the smokers all looked a good 10 years older than the non-smokers. I was glad I went though.

Thanks for sharing the news of yours!

Gill@OurParklife said...

wow, this was funny at times but kind of sad at times....

I have not had my 20 year reunion yet, and I missed the 10 year one because I was living overseas...It would be interesting to go along and find out which of the stories i have heard are true and which are facebook assumptions...laughing at this, i have done something quite similar!

Shauna said...

I went to a 23 year one. I went to an all girls school with some boarders and some day girls. What created great amusement were some of the questions from the daygirls, 'was Wednesday night really lesbian night in the boarding college?' Just how long had these women pondered some lie us boarders had told them 20 odd years ago.
What we found out was the scary chicks are still a bit scary but that means they are assertive and get what they want. The silly fun loving chicks are still the same. We just have more broken marriages and are in the health industry or hospitality. The serious ones became teachers and physiotherapists and all sorts of other professions. They are also generally childless or had kids later in life.

We are having another meet up next year.

Posie Patchwork said...

What a fascinating school you must have gone to. I've been to my 10 year reunion & it was awesome, loved it, i had 3 children & 2 degrees & my own business, so was bouncing around the room chatting to everyone, it was fantastic. 20 year must be about 3 years off, can't wait!! Love Posie

Becca said...

I haven't had a reunion yet, but my 10 year one is coming up this summer. I am debating not going because I am still in contact with everyone on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I went to my 10 year one and it was the worst night EVER! lol
nah, it was ok I guess, just decided not to go to the next one!
Great post, you had some interesting characters in your year at school :D
COme over from Jen's blog gems :)

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I love this! This is exactly what I would do if I went to my reunion. I skipped my 10 year, but you make me think maybe my 20 year wouldn't be so bad. I just may brave it!

@jencull (jen) said...

I don't think I would go tbh and think you were brave to go. I was only in my last school for 2 years and didn't really make many friends, awkward age where everyone already had their friends and groups! At the same time I am fascinated with your group and where you all ended up :) Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

Sam-O said...

I went to two high schools and have remained friends with people from both, so I have been expected to attend 2x 5yr, 2x10yr, 2x 20yr and some bright spark organised a 23yr one for this month.

I did not attend any.

I did think about the 20yr ones, but at the time we were in the thick of harrassment reports and lodging AVOs against ex business partner and family, so I was kind of pre occupied.

I have always said, if I wanted to see them I would still be friends with them! ;)

Yours sounds much more interesting than mine would have been anyway. Private school girls. 48%lawyers, 46% doctors and the rest of us.

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