Thursday, 18 November 2010

The bowling bug

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It seems my household has caught the 10 Pin Bowling bug (although I note is is now just called bowling. Showing my age and dagginess with that there reference).

First the Geege came home from work a month or so ago and declared that he and his colleagues were entering a Bowling Comp on Tuesday nights. I must say that I had a snigger and replied that was very 'Homer Simpson' of him, but I was happy for him to be having some down-time with the fellas.

He is loving himself. He hasn't missed a week. Personally, I think it is the beers and disco lights that make his night, but despite his mediocre form, he reports his scorecard with a note of pride in his voice. It is cute.

And now, Nugget has caught the bug too.

He was invited to a Bowling Party from one of his school-friends and he had the 'best time ever' and hasn't stopped raving about it. Apparently so did his BFF and his Mum has been conned into hosting said BFF's 6th Birthday function at the Bowling Alley. Nugget is beside himself with excitement.

We have another two weeks to go until the big day but not an hour goes by that the word 'bowling' or 'racing car games' or 'strike' doesn't slip into the conversation. Excited much? At least it has replaced the daily banter about Fiji (still ready to throttle the Geege for that one!).

As for me, well I have to say I was a little keen to bowl a ball or two when I was supervising at the Birthday Party. And the shoes, what's not to love about a pair of bowling shoes?

I reckon I could happily catch the bug too given half the chance.

Are you a Bowling fan? What is your best bowling memory?


life in a pink fibro said...

A bowling family! How cute. My best bowling memory is bowling in Ayr, wearing those matching strapless jumpsuits. Bowling in strapless jumpsuits. Incredibly 70s of us.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have lots of wonderful bowling memories...the bowling alley is where my hubby and I really got to know each other. :) We'd go once a week with a big group of folks, and we always had a blast. Neither of us are very good, but we went so often that we invested in our own bowling shoes.

I've been bowling a time or two with folks from work over the years, and they're always quite intimidated (at least initially) when I show up with my pristine bowling shoes in tow! Hahahaha!!!

Maxabella said...

We family bowled due to wet weather during the Smiths Lakes hol recently. Despite Lottie almost following the ball down the lane, a great time was had by all. It was SO expensive though!!! I was shocked. x

Cate said...

We've been to quite a few bowling parties, and used it as a holiday playdate destination. Strike has these cool ramps and bumpers that mean there's a chance that the ball will make it to the other end (so it's more fun!).
But my best bowling memory was going bowling when I was 12, with a broken arm and having to bowl with my left hand. I got my first ever strike! My brothers were sooo impressed :-) xxx

Stray Kate said...

Wonderful memories of school 'sports day' on a Tuesday afternoon when we chose Bowling instead of something difficult and sweaty like netball... The disco lights and music just made it - was awesome!!!

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