Monday, 29 November 2010

Little girl's shoes

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Now that the warmer weather has arrived for more than 10 minutes, I thought it time I investigated the shoe situation for the kids.

I have spoken before about my fortunes with hand-me-downs and shoes have not escaped. I have a whole plastic tub full of barely-worn, possible shoes for the kids to wear in all different sizes.

So on Saturday, with four sets of eyes looking on, I went through the current shoe piles for signs of fatigue, measured the kids feet and looked to fill the gaps. I managed to bag up about 6 pairs for the charity shop, but still have enough shoes hanging around to fit-out a centipede!

Nugget's feet don't seem to have grown much in the past year (I hope he hasn't peaked at size 12? With the Geege's gene pool this is a possibility). He is good to go.

Doo Dah has cast off last year's shoes but has a whole host of appropriately sized shoes to choose from. Game, set, match.

Dew Drop fits a size 6 snugly and has a selection of 3 pairs of sandals (perfect for Summer), but no enclosed shoes to speak of. I will have to review thishis footwear needs into the New Year.

But the Minx. She has the tinniest feet and even though her feet have grown a little she is still only a size 5. We have no girl's size 5 sandals in the stash, just a pair of sneakers, which she loves as long as she doesn't have to wear any socks! I hope she doesn't have her mother's stinky feet.

I found 2 completely new pairs of boys size 5 sandals.

So I have a couple of questions for you. Do I hand on the boy's sandals in the correct size only to go out and buy a couple of pairs of girl's size 5s (pink and blingy)?

Or does the Minx don the Bob the Builder sandals this Summer?

What would you do?


Glen said...

Bob the Builder deffo - don't be forced to follow gender stereotyping** ever!

** This only works in this direction though - pink Barbie sandals should not be handed down to a boy.

There are rules!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Hmmm...I would probably relish having a "free" (I'm assuming) pair of BTB shoes for her to play in, and then I might splurge a little more on a cutesy pair of sandals for her to wear with dresses. With two girls and no hand-me-downs, I keep finding myself trying to economize, choosing shoes that are functional and cute. That's sometimes a hard combo.

On a related note, I was just telling a girlfriend about buying the girls yet another holiday shirt. Do they need ANOTHER holiday shirt??? NO! But...they're only 22 months old once, and if it makes Mama happy and doesn't break the bank, by George, they're going to have ANOTHER holiday shirt. HA!

Lucy said...

Both. The freebies will be useful, and do a KMart run for a pair of white sandals....

(I hear you on the tiny feet thing. Olivia (age 6) is STILL only a size 8.)

Sarah G said...

Both - BTB for everyday play, and pick up some girly ones to keep "nice". :)

Quadmama said...

My stepmom is the shoe Queen and always finds barely-worn shoes at second hand stores. Some of these happen to be "boy" shoes. Now that my girls are older, they'll still agree to boy sandals, but not boy tennis shoes. I say play up the fact that they're Bob the Builder and hopefully she'll bite.

Maxabella said...

It just so happens that the Household of the Many Shoes has a bag of size 5 pinks ready to send to Vinnies, but making a detour your way instead!

I would have just done the Bobs at her age. Later it becomes an Issue, but at 2 they are happy in anything (unless their name is Lottie). x

life in a pink fibro said...

I'd go BTB all the way and then buy a pair if a special occasion came along - but wait, I see the house of many pink shoes has a pair all lined up for you! Hooray!

reanbean said...

I agree with the previous comments. But I also think, for me, it might depend also on how my little girl felt about wearing the BTB sandals. My Tiny has had opinions about her clothes and shoes since she was about 18 months. If she was more than willing to wear the BTBs, I'd see no reason to buy new sandals unless they were needed for a special occasion. But if it was going to be a battle, I'd probably check out the second hand shops and discount retail stores to see if I could pick up a pair that she wouldn't fight me on.

How nice of Maxabella to send some girlie shoes your way! Now the Minx will have choices!

katepickle said...

If she's happy with Bob then Bob all the way. Just like my middle boy's favourite pair of gumboots are hot pink, I don't thinks it matters at all as long as they fit and the wearer is happy.

Yes we get a few comments at school pick up when the pink boots go on, but no more than we do when he chooses to wear his tutu.... and, as much as I think it sucks, I think it is less of an issue to the comment makers when a girl wearing 'boyish' stuff than a boy wearing 'girlish' stuff.

Wear Bob and be proud I say!

We're the Wolski's said...

Yep BTB is fine for little girls. But Dora is not fine for boys:) Well, depending on age. My son still sleeps in his sisters hand me down pj's and bag, all pink. He's only a 10 months so he doesn't care. I just don't take many photos:)

_vTg_ said...

Yep, I eleventh the Bob. Much cooler than pink!

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