Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Musical Heights

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On Saturday, after another gruelling morning of Little As (just me and the kids), Nugget performed in his school's annual concert. Sister B babysat the twins (thanks Maxabella!) and Doo Dah and I went along with my in-laws, while the Geege kicked up his heels at Stage 1 of the full-day Buck's Party.

We had front row, middle position seats. A great start!

It was a very professional show. Great costumes (with no parental input - phew!). Great lighting, decorations and stage props. It ran on time and everyone seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Impressive.

Every class performed a dance routine, with the level of complexity matching the age of the children. Nugget's class did a gorgeous Christmas routine featuring little girls in glittery skirts and boys in Santa hats. Nugget was all business (he barely cracked a smile) but he knew all the moves and sang along to the song.

There were three levels of bands (Senior, Training and Stage) - mostly in tune and featuring a very accomplished trumpeter (who just happens to have been Nugget's Sixth Grade 'Buddy', S).

There was a school choir with a very well-articulated set of identical boy twins who were both delightful and amusing in their earnest commitment to the songs.

The school Eisteddford dance ensemble did a dance routine that told the story of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was a stand-out, as was the boy in 4th Grade who played Michael Jackson in his class routine (I haven't seen a Moon Walk that good since about 1984).

Doo Dah was exceptionally well behaved. He got bored about Act 13, but I had food bribes to get him through to the end (19 Acts).

The Grand Finale was the whole school singing together. 307 students singing in harmony to Come Play your Part. Nugget was all smiles and seemed to really enjoy himself during that 'number'.

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon that exceeded my expectations.

I was a doubting Thomas that a Kindy kid would get anything out of 'weekly dance lessons' at school.

Eating my humble pie now.

Does your school have an annual concert? How did it go for you?


Lucy said...


This year we have the primary school concert which even lovely husband proclaimed to be looking forward to! (The stage is set out ont he school lawn - picnics and wine are totally the go......)

And Lexie is star of the show at her Kindy concert. She is zumba'ing, apparently, and reading a bit of a Christmas story.

I shall be a proud Mumma.

Maxabella said...

I would love to have seen that myself. Our school does a 'Showcase' but it's only for kids in the dance and band extra-curricular activities. I think that's a big shame. I am plugging for a Christmas Concert just like yours (now that I'm on the P&C and all!!!) Gooooooo Nugget!! x

Joni Llanora said...

I love school concerts, well only if it's good. My daughter had one a few months ago. Not impressive. I'm hoping next year will be better.

Rachel said...

Our school has one at the end of the yr,, bop loves it she loves to sing..Bip's 1st grade performance left something to the imagination.... but since 1st grade he has done much better.... I love watching them I always cry...not sure why but I do lol

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Sounds like a very proud mummy moment.
I shed tears at the preschool one.

life in a pink fibro said...

Fantastic! The joy of our annual event is yet to come. Last day of school. Very festive. Sigh.

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