Monday, 15 November 2010

The passage of time

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I stumbled upon my Christmas letter from 2009 while I was sorting through some stuff over the weekend.

Truth is we received another donation of hand-me-downs and, while I am forever grateful for people's generosity, I have nowhere to put the clothes anymore. So the sorting process included some donations of my own, to the local Charity bin and the curb-side Council pick-up pile. It feels so good to declutter!

I also re-discovered the missing wristband from Ben 10's Omnitrix (score!) and the missing tail from my monkey backpack, aka a toddler 'leash'. Two definate wins right there.

Anyway, amidst all the piles of things was a copy of my Christmas letter. It was the first I had written in many years and not a bad little read (even if I do say so myself).

The thing about these methods of communication is that they force you to find the good things that have happened in your year and succinctly piece them together to form a story. I wrote mine like a newsletter with the Geege and I in a box and then a box for each of the kids, with a recent photo.

I reckon if you did a Christmas letter, and only that, every year without fail you could leave a wonderful legacy about the passage of time in your life (and those of your children).

So with only 5 or 6 weeks until Christmas, I think it was fitting that I came across this little treasure because it has inspired me to put together the Second Edition for 2010. Even if I bore the pants off my friends and family with my moment of self-indulgence, I think I will be very happy that I did this time next year.

Do you write a Christmas letter? How do you do yours?

PS: I am the Aussie Mummy Bloggers 'Blogger of the Week' this week, so pop over to their site and check me out! If you haven't already, register for the Australian Bloggers Conference in March, which is being put together by the peeps from AMB. I am going to be there and I reckon it will be loads of fun.

If you are visiting from AMB, welcome and I hope you will drop me a line so I can return the favour.

PPS: At about 9pm tonight I will be a guest blogger at Twin Trials and Triumphs. The passage of time has made it difficult for us to synchronise our link-ups as there is a 16 hour time difference between Kentucky and Sydney! Please stop over and say hello at Mandy's place - I don't want to look like I have no friends!

I have written a little post about Learning to Dance in the Rain. I hope you will enjoy it! And of course, if you are visiting me from there stop long enough to say hi and let me know where to visit you at too.


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Poping over from AMB, Congrats on being blogger of the week. :)

Our Park Life said...

I don't write a christmas letter but am considering it this year...which probably means I will get around to it net year!

It is a nice tradition to start....and we have been thinking about traditions a bit this year, right?!

Congrats on being featured at ABM! Will pop over and check it out later


Gill xo

Maxabella said...

You sure get around!!! x

Being Me said...

lalalalala i can't hear you i can't hear you..... If I don't think about it, my Christmas card list does not exist. I'm thinking, if I'm that opposed to it (I butt up against commercial-driven traditions the older I get!), I shouldn't do it because it won't be genuine.

This year, I plan to do what I always swear every year I'll be organised enough to do on time: a happy new year card and update letter. We'll see...!

Being Me said...

By the way, congrats on being AMB's feature blogger! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and see you in March. ;)

Tat said...

I haven't done Christmas letters before, but you are right, it seems like a fantastic thing to do. Might start this year. Congratulations on being the AMB blogger of the week.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being Blogger of the Week!
I don't do Christmas letters but I do write a page in a book I have each for my boys. I started with their birth story, and then write in it on their birthdays, all happenings of the year, (sort of similar). The idea is to keep going until they are 18. So far it's a nice little reminder of those 'little' things I kind of forget.

Kelly said...

wow, thats fantastic!

life in a pink fibro said...

I look forward to the Christmas letter! Congrats on your BOTW win. And now I'm off to check you out at Mandy's blog.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow...congrats on your Blogger of the Week award...that's fantastic! :)

I don't write a Christmas letter, but I can certainly appreciate the idea of the passage of time. I keep pretty detailed notes about the girls' comings and goings (I know that's a shocker, huh?). It's so neat to look back to this time a year ago and see what they were doing / eating / when they were napping. (And yes, I may have a *small* issue with taking too many notes. HA!)

Marita said...

Ours will probably be a Christmas email :)

Cate said...

Congratulations on being the AMB featured blog, and as for Christmas letters, I oscillate each year, as I really enjoy them on one hand, but get really turned off when you receive a real "braggy" one lol!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a great idea and a wonderful way to finish up the year grateful for all we have :)

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