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These are a few of his favourite things

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I am not buying into the nature vs nurture debate about little boys and little girls because I do think that all kids are unique and develop in their own way, but a while ago I posted about my little girl's favourite things, and I thought it only fair that I now describe her twin brother.

Dew Drop is a 'typical' nearly two-year old boy (if there is such a thing?), but then he is totally not. Being part of a boy/girl twin set, he has been in the unique position of having a strong female influence in every aspect of his day. He sleeps in the same room as his sister. They play together. Bath together. Eat together. Go to daycare together. Something has got to rub off right?

As it stands, the dynamic is that the Minx calls the shots and he goes along with things (unless he really doesn't want to). He is so laid back that he is at risk of falling asleep, and yet his is a temper that enables him to crank out a 45 minute tantrum at the drop of a hat.

He is a boisterous and outgoing little boy, who is often seen in the hair-clips, pink leggings and carrying a handbag (usually Ben 10). If the Minx is getting 'glammed up', he doesn't want to be left out.

He likes to wrestle with his older brothers, eat, read books, play with trains and cars and 'duddle' his Mum.

He walks into a room and oozes friendliness. He owns it. Effortlessly. His deep blue eyes, searching (always searching) and capturing the hearts of those around him. His looks are such that even if he is no Einstein, he will never be alone!

Dew Drop is an important piece in our family puzzle and we are so lucky to have him. He is delightful in a way that you can't learn to be.

Do you have a son? What is he like and how is he different from his siblings?


Loz said...

I have two sons now 26 and 25 years old - treasure them while they are small because the time passes all too quickly

Posie Patchwork said...

Yes, a gorgeous son, he's 7, my baby, with 3 big strong willed sisters. He was the only one who thought to make a gun out of Lego, sticks, fabric, play dough; he is the only one who has ever hit a sibling; he just has those bursts of boy aggression we never experienced with girls, who on the whole have always been pretty quiet, sweet, happy to entertain themselves & play together.
He has dimples, olive skin, blue eyes which change to green when he's tired & all up i think i have spent more time with him than any of his siblings, as he's my last, he's never know a babysitter or child care, like his sisters, but he's just always kind of been there, with me, where his sisters like their rooms & independence. He loves his new room though, i see as he gets older & more homework that he is enjoying his own company, reading, games & friends.
My husband only has big sisters too, so they are great buddies, with an underlying sense of where they sit in the family birth order. As my husband spends up to 9 months of the year away from home, my son is my huge reminder of my husband & i love that.
As a fellow mother of 4, with twins, i can certainly atest that each child is so incredibly different, especially the twins, i love the dynamic. Love Posie

Rebecca said...

Boy twin in B/G twins...he calls the shots, he's more forceful, he's more physical, and he's more talkative. He is 100% boy!

That being said, he flips if his sister gets a tutu and he doesn't, he threw a tantrum in the bank one time when Hailey got a bow and he didn't (I had to give him my bracelet b/c I didn't have another bow), and he loves Hailey's baby stroller. It's awesome.

Lucy said...

This warms my heart. I love love love to read about how much Mummies know and love their children.

He sounds so very similar, in character, to my son Charlie.


Lucy said...

PS I just noticed your blog address is new? Your "linkwithinins" are still trying to link to your old blog address...and so are not working...


life in a pink fibro said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. He's SO cute. x

x0xJ said...

I have 2 little boys. So i do not have the girl thing to compare them too.
However, i am often told Master B (4) is "gay" by my SO and my sister because of his intrest in EVERYTHING. My child likes to give everything a whirl. Cooking? It's loads of fun! He likes to clean too. He doesn't mind dressing up and asks if he can put on some of my makeup if he see's me putting some on. He likes to play hairdressers, and plays "daddy" to his little brother.
That being said, he is also rough, and dirty, and very much a boy with a passion for transport, building, crashing and smashing and running around for the sake of it.
I personally feel like little boys need to do the "girl" things growing up too. It's part of them finding themselves, and it doesn't make them any more weird than a little girl building with blocks or playing with cars.

As Master D is still quite young we are only now seeing his personality. He's much more shy than his older brother, and he also knows what he wants more. But he is his older brothers little shadow and parrot atm.

Jess said...

Your little boy sounds gorgeous! I only have a girl (as you know) and another on the way, so I cant really comment. I do so hope we have a little boy one day too! x

mountainwildlife said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and I'm loving it! I have b/g twins, 5 and a bit years old, so reading your posts is like a mini-trip down memory lane! (twins stroller problems, dopey questions from people who should know better...)

My son also is the more laid back one, my daughter loves to take charge and direct the playing. He is very social and outgoing, she is more reserved until she knows people. They have been that way since birth, very different personalities, but somehow complement each other nicely :)

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