Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas tree in progress

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I wasn't really one for Christmas trees until we had our children. But the Geege and I agreed that we really can't be a "family" without a Christmas tree. So we got one, and have been putting it up diligently for the past 5 years now.

If I'd have had my way, we'd be using a living gum tree as our Christmas tree. We had one in a pot, ready to go, but my black thumbs resulted in a premature death before its first big gig in 2005, and that put a stop to that dream. We ended up with a faux-pine one that we can pack away in a box year after year. It goes alright.

We decorate our tree fairly sparcely (compared to others we know). I am not one for tinsel, so it has mostly been about the bauble. I did buy a little string of beads this year to wrap around the tree this year because it always looked so bare with just baubles. Something was missing, some would say, the tinsel!

After getting the general red and silver 'starter baubles' we have been buying one or two lovely ornaments a year to celebrate the milestones of the year. Mostly these have had a baby tone to them - "Baby's first Christmas" or a stork bringing a baby (usually blue)- but there have been other exciting events to celebrate in these years too (e.g. opening businesses, finishing Master's degrees).

Last year I splashed out and got "The twelve days of Christmas" ornaments, just 'cause, and we now have lords a- leaping, calling birds, french hens and of course a partridge in a pear tree all over the tree. They are cute and they help me remember the words to the song!

But my favourite ornaments are the ones that the children diligently made (at daycare) - a few of which feature their mug shots. Nugget is horrified that we don't have a 'real star' at the top, just a paper one that he made which is tied in place. It was the first thing he ever really cut out himself. How can I replace it?

Looking at it this year, it is starting to look like a 'real' tree I think. Slow and steady.

How do you go about your tree? Are you into tinsel? Who dresses the tree each year? Do you have a theme or does it just get slapped together?

To learn more about the history of the Christmas tree, check out this site. I found it really interesting!

I am linking into Twin Trials and Triumphs Ornament linky. Those American's do Christmas trees in a big way (hence no pictures of mine!)


~Dawn~ said...

We have to trees actually (both fakies) The one upstairs in the living room is the one I decorate with gold balls and trim, and the one downstairs is all the ornaments we've collected over the years, the kids' creations and colored lights.

Maxabella said...

So don't do tinsel. I love Christmas trees and I've been collecting ornaments for years. Sparce is not for me! Instead of tinsel I found these little garlands with mirror balls on them years ago in a Hot Dollar shop. When the lights go on and hit the mirror balls... well, let's just say that it's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas!! x

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I with you on the tinsel. I just can't go there either.
Our tree is mainly adorned with decorations from my childhood and decorations that have been given to us gifts over the years. When I was growing up Mum gave each of us a decoration each year when we put up the tree. I loved the tradition, but for some reason after 6 Christmases of being a Mum I still havn't quite got around to doing that for my kids! Maybe next year... considering we may have no decorations left after the amount of breakages we are having this year! Unlike you though, I am a mean Mum and hide the decorations that they make at kinder, etc never to be returned the year after! That sounds horrible doesn't it?!

Kim said...

That is the most beautiful photo! I hate putting the tree up, but I'm always happy when it's done and the lights go on.

Andrea said...

I can only remember 1 time from my childhood my Mom used tinsel.....let's just say it didn't go over so well. She would get so mad at us because of course we didn't just leave the tinsel on the tree we had to take it off the tree and decorate everything else! I love that you use a handmade star for your topper. I can remember making a star topper one year. The glass star got broke during storage. My dad cut out the star out of cardboard and we used foil to cover it. Totally forgot about that until now. oh memories! I agree on the handmade ornaments too... I can't wait to start hanging some from Molly and Luke. I totally need a bigger house,so I can have 2 trees! Thanks for sharing! Take care, Andrea

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That's the argument I used with my hubby this year...we *have* to put up a tree, we're a *family* now! :)

I'm not a tinsel gal, either, but we always had tinsel on our tree when I was growing up. My dad always hung it "just so", though. He was rather particular (I guess after the yearly challenge of buying a tree and making it fit in the tree stand!), and I never got to help. I hope in another couple of years I'll be able to chill out enough to let the girlies help me decorate the tree (although still not with tinsel!).

Thank you so much for linking up! I have had such a great time touring a bit of the blogosphere and peeking in at everyone's trees. :)

I love the image of that handmade star. What a special story!

life in a pink fibro said...

Now that I've read about mirror ball garlands, my tree is feeling bare. Actually, I like it this year. Baubles, a bit of tinsel, lights and our lovely collection of 'special' ornaments is starting to grow - I buy one new one every year. Love it.

Joni Llanora said...

SO true with the association of a tree and being a family.

DancingInTheRain said...

I let the girls have ownership of the tree this year - it turned out suprisingly well!

Lucy said...

I do do tinsel. Love its gaudiness. Our tree is like Blackpool Tower in its exteme tackiness. I love it.

My lovely older brother Chas has an angel atop of his tree that I made when I was 5 years old. It has adorned the top of a real tree in England now for coming up to 36 Christmas times. (It is off white, and a little worse for wear. She was made from a loo roll cardboard tube, a ping pong ball, a doiley and some pipe-cleaners, from memory.)

I asked him if he'd send it to me. He refused. Old softy.

Kelly said...

Your tree decorations sounds so lovely. I agree love the ones my children the most. I can't stand tinsel on my Christmas tree!

I have been so slow to act this year and ours isn't even up yet. I wonder if my Children will forgive me for be late in getting into the Christmas sprirt this year.

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