Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Wedding Bliss

The bride was stunning, wearing a flowing Lisa Ho and a simple hair style. A classic beauty, her arrival brought a collective inhalation from the crowd. Could anyone really be that effortlessly gorgeous?

The location was amazing. A park wedding followed by the reception at Icebergs Restaurant, Bondi (for those of you who are not from around here). A perfect Summer's day, made all the more so by a simply sensational backdrop. The setting sun. The lights of Bondi and stars in the sky reflected on the glistening water. It is the place of romance, and romance it did see.

Photo by GG

Our friend, the freakishly talented Jodi Martin played a brand new song (with Rusty on bass and GG as the human microphone stand). As always, she brought tears to my eyes with the clarity, texture and perfect tone of her voice. 
Photo by Paparazzi Pete

 We found ourselves unexpectedly in the orange corner...the ladies were colour co-ordinated. It is hard to pass the dominance of the orange shades at the shops at the moment and it seems we were all drawn to similar hues (that is me in the middle in case you don't recognise me in my finery with two of my favourite people).
Photo by GG

The men just looked tall and devilishly handsome (some matching going on there too). The gorgeous groom is on the far left (captured in an anxious movement before the bride arrived).

Fun and frivolity were had by all (to an '80s soundtrack) as we wittled away the night on the dancefloor, happily drunk and full of excitement and expressing our love for each other nearly as often as our happiness for the newly weds. You can't beat a slurred "I love yous" with your mates!  

A night to remember.

Joy and happiness always gorgeous people.

* Official wedding photos are 'borrowed' from Florent Vidal Photographe without permission but I am hoping I am not breaching copyright because I am not claiming they are mine?

** Paparazzi Pete is a dear friend of mine who loves to capture all of our events on film. We love her for it because, not only does she snap great photos, she is great at sharing them so that I can steal them from her Facebook account.

*** GG is another fantastic photography talent who I proudly call my friend. She is also unaware of my use of her photos but I am sure she will forgive me?


Emma jane said...

She look oddly familier and beautiful :) congratulations

Maxabella said...

Beautiful! The expression on her face is classic L. I'm going to go over and see if I can sneak in some more photos! x

Sarah said...

Wow what a stunning bride.

life in a pink fibro said...

That is one gorgeous wedding. Straight out of a magazine. What a fab night you all had!

Maxabella said...

Hang on a minute... are those my beads?! They look great!! x

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