Saturday, 22 January 2011

52in52: Getting rid of the possum

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I am taking a leaf out of Kelly's book and setting myself something new to do each week in 2011. I am going to post about it each week on Saturday. I won't be doing this in any particular order, and will add the link to the post when it is complete. If I don't manage to acheive everything on the list, (highly likely) I will donate $5 for everything I missed to Oxfam for all the amazing work they do. So here goes...

I wrote a post about our little possum friend towards the end of last year. She moved in, had a baby and got cozy in our roof. One of the worst house guests ever: Woke us at night with her comings and goings and slept all day (a constant reminder of my own sleeplessness).

But when she started having suitors come past to 'woo' her. And when there were two potentials who fought with a narky squeal at 10pm every night. Let's just say, the Mum and her bub had to go.

The night before we went to Fiji, the Geege and I had a chat about our little house guests. It went something like this.

Me: They have got to go. Can you please plug the entry point once they have left for the night?
Him: It is too slippery with all the rain. I can't do it. I might slip and fall.
Me: Well, can I call in the possum guy and get him to do it?
Him: They cost an arm and a leg and really, I could do it.
Me: But you said you can't.
Him: Oh all right. Get the guy.
Me: Yippee.

A green light. End of conversation.

Two days after we got back from Fiji, I heard our little friend and it reminded me to call the Guy. I had an hilariously funny conversation with the Guy about the habits of our squatters (he sure loved his job!)

He had to get his local mate to call me the next day to book it. I asked the cost. '$250' he said. Gulp.

I informed the Geege that I had called the Guy.

Me: He is calling tomorrow to book the job.
Him: Oh good.
Me: It is going to cost $250.
Him: What? That is crazy. We're not getting him. * leaves room and goes straight up the ladder onto the rood for preparation work for operation 'get rid of the possums'*.

Six hours later, the possum hole was blocked.

That is one way to get him moving!

Does your Mr-fix-it need some extra nudging from time to time?


Lucy said...

Lovely husband is handy. He is a geek with bricklayers arms, which can be wonderfully useful (and econonic). He can build and tile and plaster and is particularly adept at high class painting and decorating.

Sounds just wonderful, doesn't it?

But its only ever any good IF HE HAS TIME.

No time. Between his work, us, the kids, the garden, and cricket, there is no time left for me to exploit him.

So frustrating.

(Glad your possums have vacated. We don not suffer, despite location, as the dog has scared them all away. I have a couple of snorting koalas though....)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Ha, love that story!

Posie Patchwork said...

I married a total action man, a professional Bear Grylls type, yet he only performs for pay. Argh!! When he's home, he's HOME, likes to do as little as possible (i guess it's OK as we're living in an Army house, it's not our home) but i often end up on a ladder fixing something he has been asked to do during a month of leave. If he does do something heroic at home, we all have to cheer him on, he likes attention & pretty sure he's training the children for the future fix it tasks. Love Posie

Anonymous said...

Possums can be a real pest, so I hope thats the last of the little buggers for you.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Sadly, I am the Mr. Fix It here. My husband can't do those types of things. I change the lightbulbs and fix the toilet.

We had a raccoon in our attic a few years ago and I knwo exactly what you mean. They are so loud and annoying. And we were worried they were going to dig through the ceiling. We had to call "a guy" and he got the mom and her 4 really cute little babies. They took them to an animal shelter. I hated to leave them homeless. And the guy said they had been digging through the ceiling and would have eventually gotten in the house! Yikes!!!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

PMSL. I wish Possum Guy had been allowed to come around - I reckon that would have been one hell of a post. I have no trouble with this kind of thing. I have the Energiser Bunny when it comes to handy household chores. We will have to move house again soon as he's about to run out of jobs...

Maxabella said...

A nudge? More like a swift shove!!!


PartlySunny said...

I was just going to write about this -- my husband finally cleaned out our garage. This may not sound like a big deal, but it's kind of like my birthday around here. My surreal birthday. I'm not sure if it's because he's having a midlife crisis, it's Chinese New Year, or he's hoping for sex.

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