Friday, 14 January 2011

Camping Farmstay style

(This is actually an old camping shot at Newnes - I haven't downloaded the pics from this trip yet).
Another fantastic camping adventure under our belts*. Five glorious days under the canvas. No crowds. No generators. No crazy 40 degree days. Bliss.

Yes there was rain (isn't there always when the word 'camping' is mentioned?).

Yes there were mozzies (and ants too!).

Yes there were only basic toileting and showering facilities.

But there was also good company (thanks C&K for sharing the time with us and to M&S for letting us plonk in your 'hill paddock'), many laughs, many beers, birthdays, a couple of trail-runs, the stampeding horses to give us a fright thrill on Wednesday evening and day-trips exploring the countryside around Taree area.

We even found the most gorgeous farm on which to build the eco-houses we dream about acquiring.

Our children are becoming the best campers and it is such a relief. Kids do what kids should do when you go camping. They run. They play outside. They use their imaginations. They make up games and explore. They look at the world through wide eyes with big smiles on their faces. They experience the real simplicity of living. And they love it.

Are you a camper? Have you braved it with the kids yet?

* Disclaimer: We were unaware of the devastation of the flooding in Queensland while we were away. My thoughts are with those of you who have been impacted by this rare outrage of Mother Nature.


x0xJ said...

My hat goes off to anyone who camps with children still in nappies. So maybe i take my hair off in your case?
I cannot wait until Master D is toilet trained so we can go camping!

Maxabella said...

I'm glad you had such a good time. We will do it this year. x

DancingInTheRain said...

I have such great childhood memories of camping that we are make it a regular holiday feature (that and it is a cheap holiday!). I dont remember it raining as much when we went camping when I was a child though, maybe because it didnt bother me, it just added the the fun. I wonder if my mother thought the same thing!

Anonymous said...

My parents took my brother and I camping all the time and we LOVED it! Haven't been in many many years, and that's a shame.

Thanks for following, I'm following back. And thanks for the book recommendation, I haven't read it yet and will check it out.

Cate said...

Hmmmm, well you saw my big camping effort...that is, however, the second time we've braved the great outdoors (in our backyard), so who knows, they may be hope that one day we'll even try a camping ground???

Glen said...

the idea of camping brings me out in a rash. maybe location matters, but my experiences have not been great at all

The Rhythm Method said...

Welcome back! We took 2 of our boys camping about 18 months ago. It was divine - as you say, kids do what they are made to do while camping. Run, explore, invent. And at night, they roll into bed tired and contented.
You've inspired me to arrange our next trip, this time with 3 boys. :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Not a camper, married a soldier who won't camp unless he gets allowances & paid conditions. We're still working on him but buying a farm & building a homestead is looking more likely (& luxurious), love Posie

Cottongirl7 said...

This looks wonderful. Heaven with a canvas top! Both the husband and I love to camp. In fact some of our favorite trips involve getting in the car and driving down the west coast (usa) and stopping when we feel like it to camp. My favorite is camping out where ther are no "camp sites" which is getting harder and harder over here. Looks like a lovely spot you had. I grew up camping blue tarp style and hope to pass it on to my kids. As of yet though, the munchkins are only a little over a year and a half, and I haven't had the courage to brave it with them yet.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

oh my, what a beautiful part of the world that looks. I love, love camping. Sounds like a lovely time away.xx

Lucy said...

Your Link Within is working! Yay! And I failed to comment on this one too - we must have been away.

We are camping over Easter. I cannot agree more with your sentiments about children and camping.

I love that my children "get" that its fine to "cop a squat" and not brush your teeth for a few days.

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