Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Reclaiming the dining table

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A new year. Another attempt to re-organise the home.

Back in May, 2010, I went mad about the place and cleared and decluttered and re-jigged in the vain attempt to be organised for going back to work. You can read about my attempts here.

Over the past 7-8 months, I have noted the creep, creep, creep of accumulated junk around the place. Piles of paper on the desk that need 'filing'. Cupboards that are straining to close. Bits of broken toys waiting to be fixed. Piles of books that haven't made their way back to the bookshelf (funny that they don't do it on their own). Piles of clean washing waiting to be folded. Recipes that have been printed and left on the recipe stand. And still nowhere specific to put things like keys, wallets, and mobile phones.

My 'household organiser' that I painstakingly made with sections for family, home, school, money etc has barely been touched (although it does make me feel organised!).

All in all an epic fail.

So I started again this year. Did a couple of days after Fiji and before camping. Did a few hours here and there each day. I've tackled the linen press, the toy cupboard, the pantry, the desk, and the filing cabinet. I have cleared 8 garbage bags of donations to the charity shop and the equivalent into the garbage bin (not great for landfill I know).

There isn't a broken toy in this house.

There isn't a double bed sheet (which I have held on to for oh, about 15 years).

There isn't a single size 1 or under piece of clothing.

Every recipe is filed away.

There are significantly fewer stuffed toys, picture books, and children's shoes.

There are additional shelves in my pantry and I can actually see things at the back.

There is only one pile of papers awaiting 'filing' (and about a tree-worth in the recycling bin).

The sentimental 'baby' stuff has been culled and the children's 'baby' books are mostly complete.

My household binder is now a thing of beauty that I am actually using.

The address book I bougtht 2 years ago to replace the one that has been falling apart has actually been written in.

You can see the bottom of my dining room table and there is hope that I can relocate the computer paraphenalia and reclaim the dining room.

The boys' bedroom has been rearranged and is at its functional best.

Declutter fest 2011 has been far more productive than 2010 was.

If only I can keep the momentum and finish the job this time!

What household organisation have you been tackling?


Kymmie said...

Oh, I'm so inspired! Good on you! The biggest clean out I've had this year is my head. And I'm still getting there. And right after I conquer that, it will be the dining room table. Because I haven't seen the divine timber underneath all the stuff for quite some time now. Gorgeous picture by the way. Beautiful inspiration. xx

Posie Patchwork said...

I'm tidy but my tax is terrible thanks to a burglary of my laptop where it was all up to date, argh!!
Get the paperwork sorted, 4 school children on the horizon, they just shed paper notes, permission slips, lists etc, it's insane!!
Happy sorting, love Posie

DancingInTheRain said...

I wish I could be as organised! Learning to not hold on to things 'just in case' I need them is what I need to tackle!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Woo hooooo! You're a legend!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Whoa - colour me impressed. I have managed the toys, the boys cupboards, and half of the pantry. My desk is in the too hard basket.

Busy Working Mama said...

Great minds think alike! Earlier this week I posted about my newly organized pantry shelf. It doesn't sound like much but it is progress! Since then I've done 5 whole shelves - I have a big pantry :) Happy Wednesday!

Cate said...

impressive!!! I'm still so buried in other people cr*p around my house it's depressing. One of these days I'm going to lose it and have a big bonfire in my backyard (I mean really, do we really *need* to keep every empty box that every appliance came in????? I think NOT!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

I had a baby last year, and managed to hold things together for a while there, but since starting to renovate our house over Christmas, our house sounds a lot like yours used to be :(
You've inspired me to get to it!! Things work so much better when you're organised. I can't figure out how to declutter my head though, I think that's the source of the clutter!

x0xJ said...

I'm a massive de-clutter-er. It helps me to feel like me head is clear, so i try to de-clutter often, with each changing of the season, that way it never becomes too much.
Broken toys get thrown. It's rare i try to fix them other than clicking pieces back together, we have that many toys, and always more coming in as gifts from people that we don't miss them. Lol.

Keep with it. Keep that motivation pushing you until every corner in your house has been de-cluttered and then sit back and enjoy. Enforce the rule of everything being put away AS SOON AS it's not being used. That way you never have to get stuck looking at the small piles of crap building. That was something i had to learn and push myself to get up and put it away, but gosh it pays off in the end!

Maxabella said...

I am mightily impressed!

In contrast, I have cleared out the girls' wardrobes. I have, however, still not managed to 'unbabyfie' the shelves in Lottie's bedroom. There are size 000 in there. She has taken to getting them out from time to time and throwing them around the room. That's gotta be an incentive, right?

My advice for your dining table is the same as ever. You need to get a desk and wall-mounted shelves into your entrance foyer area to use as your study area. Maybe have to move or ditch your standing bookshelves?! Sentimental I know, but I think they have to go. eBay.

I'll be over to check out your efforts in due time. x

Rebecca said...

The dining room table...what a mess! I really believe if I had my own desk, my "projects" wouldn't end up on that table!

I have been slowly replacing my dishes and just bought new pots and pans...time to revamp the kitchen and get rid of chipped dishes and pots that have the teflon flaking off! I'm going to be teflon free soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of coming to tackle all of my clutter?

Lucy said...

Where was I that I didn't comment upon this first time around?!

I love your style - and coincidentially I have just finished a HUGE declutter of the kids toys/books/craft stuff/puzzles/games etc. AND I finished Lexie's wardbrobe, which is a feat in itself...

Cate said...

Geez - I was in a bit of a mood back in January wasn't I??
rant, rant, rant :-)

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