Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The SmartPhone era

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I'm due a mobile phone update. My contract is up in a couple of days so I am in the 'search around for a new phone and a new deal' stage of getting a phone.

It is doing my head in a bit.

Last time I got a phone (two years ago), I could not have cared less about the model or the features. If it made calls and could text, I was happy.

Since then, I have discovered the world of blogging and social networking. Now I want a phone that can do stuff.

I am more than a little enamoured with the iPhone4.

Only thing is that I currently pay a fraction of the cost per month for my telephoning privilege that an iPhone contract would cost, so it would be a big commitment to upgrade to that.

So I have been checking out the other SmartPhones on the market. None are as cool as the iPhone, but the poor-man's iPhone (the Samsung Galaxy) comes close, and HTC do a couple that get pretty good ratings. They all cost an arm and a leg, but less than the iPhone.

I know it is time to enter the SmartPhone era, but when it comes to the crunch, I think I may be too much of a scrooge to be a SmartPhone owner.

But I can't bring myself to buy just any-old-thing anymore either.


Do you have a SmartPhone? What do you use and why did you choose the model you did?

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Loving My Kids said...

I have a smartphone its a blackberry curve love it so far got it because Ive always wanted one and its pretty smart lol but I can do lots on it not sure bout bloggin though have not tried that not sure how it would work for u with price of contract but we have T-Mobil and just cost for the internet package and my min of the contract itself anyways just thought I would comment I Found ur blog off Fat To Fit!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

You can still get an iphone 3 quite cheaply and they are very similar. The image quality on the screen is slightly less sharp and the camera not as good but otherwise...

Kelly said...

I am in the same boat, time to upgrade my phone what an iphone but I am not willing to pay the cost just yet.

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Kelly said...

Oops "what" sound say "want"

Photographer Mum said...

I got my iPhone form a store on ebay and its great - not only do I own it outright, it's compatible with my mac laptop and I can check facebook, make calls, text, search the net, take photos, take videos, check the weather forecasts, calculator, calendar; the list goes on. It's not an iPhone4, but its fine. Everything on it works and I wouldn't go back to a "normal" phone.

And I am also on prepaid so I only pay $29 a month but have the option of different $ amounts if I know I will be making more calls than usual.

Have to say it is the most cost effective phone I have ever had

reanbean said...

I do not have a SmartPhone and it's all because of the cost. I would really love to get one the next time I'm due for an upgrade, though. I'll be curious to hear which one you choose if you do choose to go that route.

Maxabella said...

Can't live without my phone.

I have a BlackBerry that you can have. Then you can just pay for data rather than for the phone itself. Let me know if you want it!! x

Tracy said...

I can't live without my phone. I had an iPhone3 and when that contract ran out I upgraded to the iPhone4 without any hesitations. The iPhone was the first phone that I had that I was never disappointed with and did everything I wanted to and more. Hubby just got a Samsung GalaxyS, which is his first SmartPhone and is pretty impressed with it. I don't think it's too bad and it is the fraction of the cost.

Lucy said...

Up until I washed my old phone in the washing machine, I was not bothered about new fandangledness As long as it made calls, I was OK.

And I was truly not bothered about the idea of being able to tweet/blog/farcebook via my mobile.

But what sold me was a decent camera.

The iPhone4 camera is BRILLIANT. Our old digital camera was on its last legs too, so I bit the bullet and got the iPhone4 for its coolness and its camera.

I am so in love. Talk, text and phone and videos. Oh! And I do use it for an alarm clock. It's brilliant.

I still don't bother using it for any online stuff at all - can't be bothered with tip tip tapping on a phone screen for anything more than a quick SMS - I just much prefer a keyboard and a monitor for proper online activities.



MultipleMum said...

Thanks so much for you thoughts and opinions (and the offer for the Blackberry Maxabella!).

I had a chat to the 18 year old phone boy today and reckon I will end up with the Samsung Galaxy (whose screen is less likely to crack if dropped) and the Geege will get the Smasung Wave.

Will let you know when I take the plunge...

@jencull (jen) said...

I have an iPhone and I seriously love it. I held out for months because of the cost and contract pricing but in the end I caved in and have had no regrets. Jen

Tenille @ Help!Mum said...

Just catching up on my poor neglected reader... I went to pre-paid when I went on maternity leave but decided that six years was long enough with one phone, so 'Santa' bought me a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro from an online retailer (that i'll happily tell you the name of if you like, just don't want to sound like an ad on here!). I love it. It's android, so heaps of free apps to download, and it has a slide out keyboard that makes texting and commenting on blogs/facebook/twitter much much easier. And I've already dropped it, and it didn't break :-)

MultipleMum said...

Newsflash: I purchased! One iPhone4 has found a new home. I am LOVING myself :)

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