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What to name the prince and princess?

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I've written before about the dilemma that naming twins is. I was all ready to send my mate Princess Mary an email of my post to help her out when, to my surprise, I came across a list of Denmark's preferred contenders for the new prince and princess of Denmark. The official names won't be released until the Christening in 3 months time, but that hasn't stopped the speculation.

I feel I am equipped to assist Mary with this task. I mean, I've had things to say about her twins before. And you know that she and I lead parallel lives?

Exhibit A: I met the Geege at a Sydney pub, and Mary met Fred at one too.

Exhibit B: I married my 'prince' in 2004, and Mary did too.

Exhibit C: I have had four children in rapid succession, and so has Mary.

Exhibit D: We each have boy/girl twins, with the boys born first.

Exhibit E: I live in the heart of suburbia battling the day-to-day plights of big-city living on a small-time budget and, well, so does... oh, that's right, it is all in my head.

The fact that Mary has just left hospital with her newborn twins to return to her PALACE maybe makes us a little different from each other.

The media seems to think she is an 'ordinary' woman though. Some of the stuff they print about the happy new parents is ludicrous. You know, like how will she cope with four children under five and 25 nannies and helpers?

And even Prince Frederick who asked himself 'Can we afford it?' when he realised Mary was expecting twins. I mean, if he can't, what are the rest of us doing?

Anyway, I digress.

Back to picking names for the prince and princess.

The shortlisted names are*:
BOY: Harald, Gorm, Sven, Axel, Valdemar or Knud
GIRL: Caroline, Sophie, Louise, Astrid, Ingrid or Charlotte

To me there are two "natural" twin-name pairs in there, both with a common first letter. Sven and Sophie or Astrid and Axel. Personally I quite like either pair but Astrid and Axel sound perfect together. Axel is a strong masculine German name (that means 'Source of all life'), while Astrid is a soft, feminine Danish name (that means 'Divine Strength'). Prince Axel and Princess Astrid. I can see it now...

So there you have it Mary. MultipleMum's suggestion for what to name the prince and princess. Mary? Mary?

What do you think they should call the babies? Let's do our own poll!

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*From an internet poll of more than 13700 Danes as well as other random suggestions I read about


Anonymous said...

I'm with you - Astrid and Axel sound great. You are the expert, after all. 'Knud' sounds more like a sound-effect than a name for a gorgeous little baby.
Am still reeling from the many parallels between you and the Princess! Very amusing. :)

Lucy said...

You are funny. All I can think is that he's a prince, why hasn't he shaved?!

Felicity said...

Clearly Astrid and Axel are the only real contenders for the newborn royals - I hope Mary [or someone she knows in Oz is] reading this post!

Felicity x

For a little more Mary action pop in to play 'Two for Tuesday' at my place tomorrow!

Maxabella said...

Prince Gorm is kind of amusing. Knud. Fred.

The girls names are all acceptable-nice.

I think she should call them Fred Jnr and Mary Jnr. x

Anonymous said...

As long as they don't call them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I won't mind on whatever they settle on ;)

Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

I saw somewhere online this morning that someone was suggestin Hansel and Gretel and I LOVED this suggestion. So I am putting it forth that you add those two names to your list!

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

I'm with Maxabella, those boys names kinda make me giggle. Hmmm, odd how the Prince is looking more disheveled than Princess Mary. Wish I looked that shiny and madeup after my twinnie bubs were born, and awwwww for the hired help when she gets home ;)

xx Kell

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Gorm? I'm going for Valdemar - that's a princely name if ever there was one. Is there some rule that twins have to have the same first letter? I say a hex on that. I like Valdemar and Ingrid. Just because.

And @DiminishingLucy I think the beard is good. Makes him look older than 24. Which he's going to look his whole life without it.

Kelly said...

I like Astrid and Axel, they sound good together ♥

Anonymous said...

All men go unshaven when their wives have babies or they go on holidays. Its their way of hanging loose and going with the flow. Its also further proof of his 'normal-ness'.
I think he's gorgeous, even if he looks only 24.

A Farmer's Wife said...

It is very obvious to me that yourself and Mary may well have been twins separated at birth... Your lives have gone down such parallel paths that I can't think of any other explanation.

I think they will name their little girl Caroline and the little boy Valdemar. Not sure why.

I voted for you in the blog makeover. Hope you win (although this is not a comment on your current blog design, I like the bird)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Or going with your idea of the same first letter-

Beryl and Boris.

Cottongirl7 said...

I like Axel and Sophie. I agree with LIAPF, there is no rule twins have to have names starting with the same letter. Mine don't and I like them quite well. ;) " Can we aford it?" Still laughing about this one. We live in a tiny house with one bathroom, I think they can find a way to make it work. :)

Photographer Mum said...

I reckon they should go for good ol' Aussie names.
Bruce and Shazza, lol. (well, not really).

I don't like any of the boys names shortlisted, maybe Harry - (short for Harald), or is that just too similar to Prince Harry??

And Knud? Really? Eww

For the girls, I think Sophie, Louise or Charlotte are nice.

Harry & Charlotte
Harry & Sophie - I think I like that combination best
Harry & Louise

Anyway, each to their own I guess.

toushka said...

Whoa! I leave you and the internet alone for 10 minutes and you rack up another 13 votes! crikey, I thought I was catching up. Well played. 4 days to go.....
Oh - the twins names.. ummm... I like astrid and axel. But I prefer Bam Bam and Pebbles.

Jane said...

Hmm, given their brother's full name is Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John and their sister's full name is Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, I doubt Valdemar and Ingrid will get another run.

I'm plumping for Harald and Alexandra.

I'll be intrigued to see what my old uni friend Mary comes up with - so many centuries of tradition lie before her. J x

Toni said...

I actually know Marys' sister-in-law. But she's no good, they won;t have told her, either.

I liked Ingrid till I saw that's Isabellas' middle name.

I reckon Sophie and Caroline will be out (being Princesses in other European countries) so maybe Charlotte?

Kinda like Axek for the Prince -- but how cute would Sven be???

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Keith & Nicole? Kylie & Jason? Perhaps Shane & Angel even?

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