Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bling on Love: Happy V. Day

Happy Valentine's Day blog friends.

We were meant to get engaged on Feb 14th, 2004, but I hadn't realised the significance of the date of our planned canyoning trip and, true to form, had a 'better offer' for a party or something on Valentine's Day. The Geege very amicably agreed to go on our trip the weekend before. And so the 7th it was.

Dear Geege packed all of my favourite foods into his backpack (along with our lilos, wetsuits etc.) and two piccolos of champagne (precariously wrapped in a teatowel so as not to clink or break) and we had the most wonderful picnic. It was very romantic and just perfect for us.

I didn't wear an engagement ring (just a 'space saver' one we got in a lolly wrapper). I just wanted one ring so I waited until our wedding day before I got to wear the ring we picked out.

I was so excited at the prospect. Not really being one for having a 'rock', I really love the butterfly design on the ring and the 40 little diamonds sparkle from all angles. It is perfect for me.

Are you a solitaire kinda gal/guy? Why not show off your bling and participate in Maxabella loves... and Gifts of Serendipity's
Maxabella loves...


Anonymous said...

Lovely ring. We were engaged in 2004 too. I actually can't remember the date. I know it was January.
I have a solitaire engagement ring in white gold, with matching plain band. I never thought I would be into bling, but the minute I put the engagement ring on, I felt like a princess and though strange (I am not that kind of girl), it felt amazing. We were married in December that year in our garden. It was beautiful.
Hope you and Geege enjoy your Valentine's Day. :)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Aw... too sweet. :-)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

What a beautiful ring! I have a multi stone ring - I will show if off when it fits my finger again =(

Felicity said...

What a man, what a ring, what a lovely story!

I love the concept of one ring and yours is just gorgeous - a very similar style to ones I've been looking at.

Here's to a terrific day, I hope that it's sunny where you are so that your eye is caught by the sparkle and your heart is reminded how it became captured.

Felicity x

Lucy said...

We also became engaged in 2004. No idea of the date. Much later than Valentine's Day. After Olivia was born. Wrong order, much?!

I like that the Geege wears cufflinks too.

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

I suppose it's not a good thing that I've lost my wedding ring? I loved it - white gold band with some channel set diamonds across the front. I might have given it to the toddler to play with one day when we were snuggling on the couch and never seen it since.

I think it might be stuck in the couch. But I'll have to cut through the fabric on the bottom concealing the frame to be sure. Either that or just go and get a new ring.

Maxabella said...

I've always loved your ring. It is perfect.

Would you believe the darn linky system is broken today!! Hopefully it will be back up and running soon. x

x0xJ said...

Very very nice!
No bling here :(

Cate said...

That's a lovely story (even the bit about rescheduling so he could fit in a party as well...start like you plan to continue!)
Fab ring too :-)

Tatter Beans said...

Very tasteful... I really like it... and that photo is really nice to..
Happy Valentines day
oh and I love the new look here.. Ive not been over since you had a re do :)

Kymmie said...

Gorgeous! I love it's design, and like me you have just one ring. It's different and so unique. You and Geege did good! xx

Kymmie said...

Oh, might I like to add how lovely your nails are? Do they ALWAYS look like that?

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