Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cyril's woes

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One of our cars broke down last night.

I didn't own a car until about 10 years ago. I walked most places I needed to go or I took public transport.

But as the Geege and I moved further and further from the city, the public transport network got less reliable and less useful and we had to get a car.

And then, when we started our family, we had to have two cars. It was hard for a greenie like me.

One of our cars is the big family wagon. It has a sliding door (and there goes any possibility of me ever being perceived as cool), 8 seats and 4 car seats. I feel a bit like a bus driver when I get into it, but it does the job, fits lots of gear in and drives 1000kms per fill (diesel).

Our other car is a relic from my single days. My very first car. I bought it new, with my first ever bank loan. It made me feel like a grown up.

It is small and blue and has the engine the size of a lawn mower. I bought it because it had a 'cute face' and would be gentle on the environment. But after nine years of service, the little fella popped into 3rd gear last night and refused to get out. I don't know if it is the clutch or the gear box. All I can tell you is: it is not looking good.

I have many fond memories of my car and I hope that it won't have to go to the car graveyard. It will probably cost more than it is worth to get it fixed, but we will see.

I know there are more pressing issues in the world as you read this post, but if you could spare a little thought for poor Cyril the Sirion, we might just get him back on the road. Thanks.

What was the first car you ever bought? Do you still have a soft spot for it?


Lucy said...

My first car was "the black bullet" which was a nifty little Mini. I loved it. I also had "Flossy" whcih was a red Ford Fiesta. Unbelievably, she is still going, apparently - in the UK, at nearly 20 years old.

Don't get me started on "The Captivator"....

Is it tragic that I assign each car I have ever owned with a personality and a name?!

Anonymous said...

I had a Nissan Pulsar. It had no A/C so I had to open all the windows on hot days. And the head gasket blew a couple of times, of course I had no money to fix it. I never trusted it after it conked in the middle of a busy intersection.

Kymmie said...

Glad you have such fond memories of your first car and sure hope she gets fixed okay.

Mine? Happy to see it go. It was the biggest money pit ever. Cost me a fortune. Was cool, but I was over it! Glad to see it go for something much more reliable (but then I was in an accident and it was written off - but that's another story!) xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i bought my first car (a Ford Laser in ice blue, the bubble style one, totally cute for Uni) from my brother when he had this 3rd son & needed to upgrade. I loved that car, then it was stolen from the Rocks in Sydney. Bugger. It was replaced with another Laser, a daggy white older style one, from my SIL who had her 4th child & needed to upgrade. Yes, a pattern. We bought a family car when i was 22, married & we knew we wanted a large family. Before we knew it, we had 4 car seats in 2 rows & da dah, we still have that 4WD. The other smaller car for my husband's work run has been everything from a Falcon to a Mirage to a Jeep Cherokee. Our next family car will be diesel & still an 8 seater but yes, i'll have to finally go to sliding doors, there just isn't enough leg room in that 3rd row for high school legs!! Love Posie

Cottongirl7 said...

First car was a $300 honda accord hatchback. I think it was an 82' not sure. Anyway,the motor was blown and it had all sorts of problems. We got a second one for free with a good engine but a wrecked body. Together with my dad we created one good car out of the two piles. Everyone called it my little blue ferrari. I loved that car. It met an untimely end, but thats a whole new story.

A Farmer's Wife said...

My first car was a blue Toyota Corolla Station Wagon. It was about 10 years old when I got it.

It was very handy because you could fit 10 drunk university students in it if you needed to (Or so I was told, I would never have done that...)

ANB said...

This sounds so like our car set up! We have a tiny, shiny bluey/silver Toyota Echo (3 doors) that I bought brand new upon moving out of home. Delusional creatures that we were, we seriously contemplated sticking a carseat in the back of it. Fortunately well meaning grandparents talked us out of that. We were too disorganised to upgrade prior to E's birth and wound up driving the in-laws Corolla around for about 5 months (at least it had 4 doors!) We then finally bit the bullet and now have a Subaru Forester. The salesman obviously completely missed the slightly-embarrassed-definitely-reluctant vibe we had going when we went to look at 4WDs, proudly assuring us the Forester is the "yummy mummy car of the year." Hmmmm. We didn't buy the one he showed us, but we did wind up with one, and now that we have it I wouldn't go back. But still!

Maxabella said...

Nine is still young for a little car, but you've done more than your fair share of work in those nine, Cyril. But come on, go Cyril, go. Just for a little bit longer... x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Oh Cyril, stick with us baby. We'd miss your smiley face.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have an awfully soft spot for inanimate objects like cars...they're such a part of our lives every single day for years and years, it's hard for me to part with them! And when I get a new one, it always feels a bit adulterous there for a while. :)

My first car was so cute and sweet. Unfortunately she died a horrific death, but not before she saved me (pretty bad car wreck in college). Bless her soul! :)

Here's hoping that Cyril will pull through for you!

Anonymous said...

Come on Cyril, you can do it!
I'm still not grown up enough to have bought my own first car...me and driving aren't particularly friendly.
I like the Fiat 500's though!

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