Thursday, 10 February 2011

A desperate attempt to weigh less

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You know that maybe you are a little desperate for a win on the scales when prior to the weigh in you:

1. Have a 'last chance work out'.
2. Avoid drinking for 2 hours.
3. Go to the loo more than once.
4. Delay your dinner until 'after'.
5. Remove your belt.
6. Change your shoes to the lightest ones in your wardrobe.


A loss, but perhaps not well deserved.

How did you go this week?


Maxabella said...

Tell me you didn't!!

That picture is very interesting. I think the size 12 girl looks bigger than the size 16. Is size 16 really the national average? That's not good. x

Maxabella said...

PS - time to update the "My Muses" pic, I think!!! x

MultipleMum said...

I know. What a shocker huh?

As for the pic - I haven't got a decent pic of the four of them together. Do you????

therhythmmethod said...

I think the size 16 in the pic is gorgeous - those collar bones are stunning. I am a size 10, but I am only 5 foot so I look bigger. It always amazes me that people can look slim but their measurements are a lot bigger than they look. I don't look slim, but my measurements are little. Ripped off, I tells ya!!
I weigh myself in the morning, after a wee and before breakfast. It's the most accurate way (and it makes me feel better :)

x0xJ said...

I have to agree with Maxabella, the size 12 does look bigger than the 16.
I also think height plays a role in how you "look" and not just what size you are. I am a smaller size and i certainly do not look as slim as my tag reads.
I also don't think they should label one "mens ideal size" because there is no "one size" that ALL men prefer. Maybe "averge preferred size by men" would be a better "label".
<3 Hope you had a good weigh in this week!

Cate said...

Oh pleeeeease don't live and die by what those stupid scales say!!!! Go by how you feel, and how you look and how your clothes fit. The number on the scales can vary so wildly depending on so many factors (up to 2kg!) - if you 'know' you've lost weight, then trust yourself :-)

Lucy said...

I am a sixteen. I wish I felt as good as she looks. I have issues - I still FEEL like a size 26 regadless of actual dress size, regardless of weight on the scale....

Megan Leslianne said...

Yeah, the size 12 woman having her back turned kind of skews the comparison (different angle).

I agree that height makes a difference to the dress size that someone appears to be. A friend of mine is 5'10" and a size 12. She looks slimmer than I, and I wear a size 12. It's all about proportions.

daniii♥ said...

I love your comparison photo. And I hear ya. I always weigh myself for weigh-ins first thing in the morning, after using the bathroom and before eating. It's when I'm at my lightest. :\

Anonymous said...

A loss is a loss. Take it for what it is!! I find myself weighing in the morning. In the evening pre workout, post workout, pre shower, post shower, middle of the night. It is aweful!!

Rebecca said...

I totally forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I got there for two stretch/weight/machine workouts and one spin class (my favorite since Knee dislocated)!!! I am psyched and don't care what size I am...if I can get to the point where I don't feel my own ass jiggle going up the stairs, I'll be happy!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I love your desperation. It made me smile. :-) You'll get there. No desperate measures required.

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

Yes, I know where you're coming from. I weigh myself on the Wii Fit, and I make sure I am barefoot and dressed in light clothing.

A loss is a loss though, well deserved or not. It is still a result of your efforts!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, what a powerful photo! I've been trying to lose weight for awhile, but I've been "stuck" at a size 10-12 for awhile now. I should really just relax a bit. :)

I love you blog! It's beautiful! I hope you'll check out mine sometime too. :)

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