Thursday, 17 February 2011

Weight loss marathon

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I have been a bit overweight since the late 1990s. I was never a 'skinny' kid, nothing skinny about my body shape, but I wasn't overweight. Activity kept me healthy. I didn't worry too much about food. I ate what I wanted.

Somewhere between my 300th and 400th packet of crisps starting and finishing my Honours thesis I jumped on the scales and discovered that I had 5-10kg to lose. I have been trying ever since.

I have had some wins, and some serious set-backs (twin pregnancy anyone?) but I have not been inside my 'healthy weight range' since 1999.

Not really one for a 'fad' diet, I have usually turned to Weight Watchers when I have felt out of control. I think I have started the program about four, five  six times. Always so close, and yet so far.

Last year, I blogged for Weight Watchers and Kidspot about my battle of the bulge after the birth of the twins 12 months prior (most of the entries can be found in the archives here). I lost 12 kilos in three months on the Weight Watchers Satisfaction plan. I got within 1.9kg of my healthy weight range.

And then I fell off the wagon.

In November last year, I returned to the Weight Watchers fold. I started to re-lose the 5kgs of weight I had lost at the beginning of the year and found again sometime during the winter. I was going really well, and then, well, holidays happened. I stopped going to Weight Watchers and slowly, gradually put back on the weight I had lost. Again.

Four weeks ago, I decided enough is enough and faced the scales at Weight Watchers. There is was again. Those same five kilos. Back on my bum and tum. Back in my life.

So, I made a commitment to myself then and there. This is my year. All the way to goal. And maintain. Maintain! Whatever it takes.

I am due for a weigh in tonight. All going well (i.e. if my scales and the WW scales are still in alignment) I will be back to the weight I was at the end of the Kidspot gig. Almost in the healthy weight range. Eyes on the prize. This time I am not giving in. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. I am not going to run out of puff just shy of the finish line this time. I am getting over that line. Even if I have to crawl.

Has your weight loss journey been as bumpy as mine? Any tips for getting over the line?


Cate said...

My only advice would be that WW is not really real life. It's more like a game, and once you get tired of the game, the weight comes back on.
You would be much better off finding a good dietician and working out an eating/exercise/lifestyle program that fits around *you*. Something that you will begin to incorporate into your life without having to count calories, or points or whatever.
But I do understand that at least WW is like a cheer squad - but then, you always have us :-)

PS: I like this post about WW

Holly Ann said...

My journey has been so similar! I'm actually planning on re-joining WW this weekend! I lost 20 pounds over the summer, but then found 5 again over the holidays. So I'm still down a net of 15 pounds, but I've got about 15 more to go before I'm in my healthy weight range. It's time for me to jump back into this marathon! Thank you for the inspiration!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Just as bumpy! I lost 38 pounds back in 2003 and managed to gain it all back while working for WW....then as I was relosing the weight I got pregnant....Now I am trying again

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Good for you! Go for it.

Anyone I know who has ever done the Weight Watchers program seems to have a really positive outcome from it. Seems a sensible approach to weight loss from what I can tell.

I carry extra weight around my tummy and hips. I know why. I keep eating crap and not exercising. I think I just find it hard to fit it in! Or rather, I'm too lazy to get up early and walk on the treadmill. That would be the clever thing to do!

However, this past week I've been taking the dog for a nice long walk in the evenings when Hubby gets home. It's kinda handy - he puts them to bed and I get out of the house! Perfect.

Good luck, hon. x

A Christy Production said...

YAY FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT RANGE IN SIGHT!!! I have never gotten on the wagon properly my entire adult life. I have always lacked motivation and desire. I don't think I have EVER been in the healthy weight range for my height and age EVER. Always been overweight and hated my body. So I think that even though you have never been the 'perfect weight' it's admirable that you have tried and had such success over many times in your life.

Good luck with your weigh in. Can't wait to hear how much MORE weight you've lost!! WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

You can do it. A few kilos is a piece of cake (??) compared to 3 pregnancies and 4 babies. And yes, Cate makes some good points. You're going to need a 'real life' plan. I can recommend the CSIRO total well being plan. Sensible advice for maintaining health weight and you can feed your kids the same foods, just more carbs (extra pasta/rice, etc). Good luck, you will be awesome.

Lucy said...

You know the deal with me. I am still on a bumpy track....

But you, you are doing so well! xx

Maxabella said...

You know I have... at least you are going forward and staying relatively close to your goal weight.

This time you have your running which is something new and exciting to help get you to -5kg. We should also check out that new book 'Losing the last 5kegs' by Michelle from Biggest Loser. That might have some other helpful hints.

You will get there, Coo. And then you'll stay there, I know you will. x

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Well done for getting this far - hope the weigh in goes your way..down.

Twin pregnancies do have a way of getting us rounder and that muffin top becomes unshiftable ... no matter how many times a day we chase them.

Breastfeeding got me back in my HWR and kept me there for a while.

I just inside the upper end of my healthy weight range and the kilos are creeping on again since I stopped BF. MY pants are too tight though - so action is demanded because I can't afford new pants.Going pant (bottomless) is not an option either.

I started the C25k and it has helped me drop 1.5 kg so far - still hoping for a better result.
I think I need that book the last 5kg.

The best advice ...cruel from Dr Rudy - EAT LESS is on you tube ...
My biggest problem is I don't know how not to eat my kids leftovers or treats I buy them .

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