Thursday, 10 March 2011

The core of fitness

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I am feeling pretty fit at the moment. Fit for me that is. I mean, I run. I ride. I walk. But, can you really be fit and not able to do a sit-up, do you think?

Cate from Keep Cate Busy wrote a great post yesterday about tummy exercises (she probably called it an ab workout or something equally sporty). I got all inspired by her 10 minute per day workout and told her I would try it this week.

Upon closer examination, I realized that I can't actually *do* any of the exercises. The last successful 'roll up' I did resulted from three months of weekly pilates with my sister-in-law and ended with a whoop of joy that slipped from my mouth before I could check myself. It just wasn't that kind of class.

Does that make me weak? Unfit?

My total lack of stomach muscles post babies means that if I eat excessively at lunch, it shows. There is simply nothing to hold it in anymore. So I wonder about the value of trying to use exercise to improve this problem area. Is there any point?

But if I can't improve it, what will become of me as an older woman? Will my stomach just bulge more and more the more flaccid I become overall?

I am committing to my abs this week. You just never know right? But I do seriously wonder if surgery is the only solution.

What do you think about the role of core strength in fitness?


Vanessa said...

Hi, have you actually had your ab muscles checked to see that the muscles came back together after your last pregnancy? No point trying to exercise if there is separation. And if there is, then surgery is an option, and covered by medicare for that reason.

Naomi said...

I read Cate's post too, and wondered like you did if I need to work on core fitness.

The thing is though those exercises made my eyes water!

Cate said...

Oh that's quite funny - I was just coming over here to let you know to check out my post tonight (it's about you!!)
And Vanessa's suggestion is a really one too...always, always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program :-)

Maxabella said...

You prob need the surg. You shouldn't put it off as core stability is key to a healthy back and knees in later life. x

Lucy said...

Ok....yes, there is a point. Regardless of abdominal muscle separation, I truly believe exercising your core is vital. For your pelic, errmm, control? Can you skip without leaking, to put it bluntly? Do you leak when sneezing? Core and ab axercises can resolve all this.

But, that said, I also totally agree that muscle separation needs to be investigated - particularly after twins.

I have had mine checked. All good. I have abs under there somewhere - need to lose me another few inches of lard first!!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

My ab separation after my hefty 4.47kg third son was 6 finger widths. Six! I had to do those body ball classes at the hospital and it got down to 1.something.

Can it part again though? Cos I have the same problems after eating etc. Then again, my exercise has taken a serious dive as of late.

Go you! Think I'll check out those exercises too. :)

Anonymous said...

Core strength is important. For your posture, your overall strength and fitness. With a strong core, you feel confident and capable. I need to work on mine too. I have never been good at sit ups, but can do 'the plank' and find that helps immensely to strengthen my core. I did it at the gym last week for the first time since Boy 3 arrived, and it's like my stomach muscles have awoken from a long slumber.

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